9 Effective Tips on How to Make Money on Instagram in 2021

With over 500 million users, Instagram ranks as the second largest social media platform in the world. In fact, Instagram is a social media platform of choice for several businesses and individuals that wish to make money. Actually, making money on Instagram is very simple, as long as you have a fair knowledge of how this social media platform works and ways and means to monetize your Instagram presence.

Therefore, in this article, I will provide you with nine effective tips on how to make money on Instagram in 2021.

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2021

These nine effective tips to make money on Instagram in 2021 are time tested and proven. You can use any or all of these tips and make some money using this amazing social media platform.

Do Affiliate Marketing

Do affiliate marketing through your Instagram account to make money in 2021. There’re several top affiliate marketing programs available in America. One of these is Amazon Associates. Some 42 percent of all sales on Amazon happen through its wide network of affiliate marketers.

You too can join Amazon Associates or any other superb affiliate marketing program. It’s possible to become an affiliate marketer for several online sellers at the same time. All you need to do is post some pictures and descriptions of the products and brief reviews. Include affiliate links on your Instagram post. When people buy something using your affiliate links, you can make money.

Sell Your Own Products

Instagram doesn’t exactly allow you to open a marketplace. However, if you have a marketplace on platforms such as Shopify or Etsy or even Facebook Marketplace or are a seller on Amazon, you can sell these through Instagram too. As a matter of fact, lots of online seller offer their own stuff through Instagram accounts.

You’ll have to create links to your online marketplace and post on Instagram. Also don’t forget to upload superb pictures and brief descriptions of the products you’re selling. Instagram works as a wonderful resource for market outreach by generating a lot of leads and customers. It’s also possible to sell dropshipping items through Instagram.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Generally, and as a rule, MLM companies don’t allow you to sell their products online. However, we’re living in the new normal where person-to-person contact is minimal. Therefore, lots of MLM companies are now permitting their associates to sell their products on online platforms such as Instagram. You could join any top MLM company and sell their products from your Instagram account.

Again, follow the same procedure of writing superb but brief reviews, uploading attractive pictures and providing a link from where people can buy your MLM company products. And if you’ve an online marketplace on Shopify to sell such products, you can provide a link to that as well.

Accept Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way to make money from Instagram. However, to accept sponsored posts, you will require a large following for your Instagram account. This is possible if you reach out to lots of people and connect with them in different ways such as a blog or YouTube channel.

Generally, sponsored posts will be given by businesses of all sizes that wish to reach out to your followers to promote their products. This is another superb way to make money on Instagram. However, growing your follower base might take longer than you think. Therefore, you need to be patient with this way of making money on Instagram.

Become a Micro Influencer

If you’re famous in your society or college or university, its possible to work as a micro influencer for various brands. Actually, micro influencing is the first step towards becoming a full-fledged influencer or brand ambassador. Micro influencers on Instagram also make a lot of money provided you create a niche for yourself and have adequate number of followers.

Companies and individuals that’re interested in promoting themselves on a small scale will pay you money to work as their micro influencer. Generally, they would be targeting a smaller audience through a micro influencer. However, working as a micro influencer has tremendous benefits for you too: other than making money, you can also grow your Instagram following.

Create Instagram Content

If you’ve the necessary social media skills, you can make some money by creating Instagram content for companies and individuals. These can include anything from short stories about a product or service, pictures and graphics or also text content. There’re several buyers for readymade Instagram content.

However, to make money in this way, you will require top notch Instagram content creation skills. It’s possible to market your skills through Instagram as well. And often, businesses or individuals might approach you to market such content through your own Instagram account.

Create Instagram Filters

There’s an online resource known as Spark AR Studio. You could download this software for free and make amazing Instagram filters. These filters give special effects to pictures that people use for their Instagram accounts. And it’s possible to create these filters and sell them too.

Your customers will include both individuals and businesses that’re looking at adding special effects to their images. The amount of money you charge depends on the type of filter, its application and obviously, the size of the business and its use for the filters. It’s also possible to take orders to create special filters with Spark AR Studio.

Teach Instagram Tweaks

Tens of thousands of people worldwide want to use Instagram for promoting themselves or their businesses. However, they don’t have any clear ideas how to go about using this vast social media platform that has such a large following worldwide.

You can create an online course to teach these people on how to use Instagram and deploy various tweaks to increase following and reach out to a large audience. It’s possible to sell your course online through an e-learning platform. However, promote it on Instagram for added attention from prospective learners.

Write Instagram Captions

If you have amazing writing skills, provide captioning services for Instagram posts to individuals and businesses. Your clients will include influencers and some top companies that require superb and creative captions for their Instagram posts. You can also work as a social media marketer as freelancer and provide these services for Instagram captions.

This is a very lucrative way to make money. All it requires is a high level of creativity in giving captions to ads, videos and pictures that would go on someone’s Instagram account. Again, there’s no dearth of customers you could find for such a service.

In Conclusion

There are more tips and ways available on SureJob to make money on Instagram. To make money on Instagram, the most important step is to find a large following. This is possible in different ways. One of them is by using a service such as Jumper Media. However, this is a paid service and you can look at their pricing plans, if you’re interested. At the same time, acquire a lot of Instagram skills to make money from this amazing social media platform. As a matter of fact, Instagram’s popularity as an online marketing resource is rising constantly. And the time to make money with Instagram is now, as long as you have the right skills and large following.


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