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How to mute someone on Instagram

All of us see many Instagram posts every day. But if these numerous posts and stories are boring but you do not want to unfollow them because they are your friends and family, you need this text. Here you can see how to mute someone on Instagram. 

Be sure that muting someone on Instagram is different from mass unfollowing them. It means while you are still friends, you will feel free from seeing their stories or posts of any unusual activity that they share on social media.

Some Instagrammers shoot many selfies and share them in different posts and stories on the platform frequently. Also, many of you might be busy Instagram marketers with no place for non-business activities in your hectic world. Hence, muting these Instagram users is the best answer for you. In this example, you will face none of the unfollowing results as you are still their follower.

In the following paragraphs, I want to tell you how to mute someone on the Instagram story, post, and DMs.

Can I Mute Someone’s Instagram DMs?

Many marketers receive many direct messages and ads from accidental users. So it may make administrators neglect important and instant messages. While it is not a good idea to delete Instagram messages, you might like to mute them all to prevent these issues the next time. However, there is no opportunity like this on the Instagram official app.

But, the great news is that I have noticed an Instagram management tool that allows you to join your DMs to your email. 

DMpro is an IG-friendly app that enables you to attach different Instagram accounts to your personal dashboard. Then it is your choice to connect any of these Instagram messages to an email address. After that, an email will inform you each time you take a direct message in your personal inbox. 

So to connect DM to your email and mute Instagram users, follow the below actions :

  1. First, you have to sign up for your free DMpro account.
  2. Hold the “Manage Account” key.
  3. Click “Direct Messages” and “DM to Email” labels.
  4. Now, verify your email address.
  5. After that, you will take all the DMs in your email.

Now, it is time to mute people on Instagram and do not face their messages anymore.

Furthermore, by DMpro, you can immediately reply to your DMs from email or check them as unread to answer later. You can attach a tag or label similar to your emails. Overall, this makes it easy to read messages while not being seen.

In this way, when you unexpectedly remove a DM  or a virus hits your data, you can rescue your DMs.

Questions about How to Mute Someone on Instagram?

Now you have correct and important knowledge on how to mute somebody on Instagram. But, there are some issues and in-app resolutions that several users might need. So I want to share some of them with you:

Is it Possible to mute someone’s posts on Instagram?

If you want to get rid of some common junk posts of a tacky user, do not worry and follow the below actions:

  • Run the Instagram app
  • Choose the search icon
  • Then, type the name of the account you want to mute in the search strip and click on their profile.
  • Choose ‘Following’
  • Touch ‘Mute’
  • It is time to draw ‘Posts’ on

Can I Mute someone’s Instagram posts?

If you are viewing many dull posts of your Instagram users on your feed, and need to remove them, go over the below steps:

  • Tap the three dots beside a post
  • Touch ‘Mute’
  • Choose ‘Mute Posts’

How to Mute Someone on Instagram Story?

It might happen to all of us that we do not want to see someone’s story in the bar above the Feed, and need to mute their story. Hopefully, there is an option to use a tracking tool and view someone’s posts and stories when you want, while there is no need to mute them. Also, by using this wonderful tool, you can save Instagram stories on PC simply. Furthermore, DMpro enables you to see private Instagram accounts.

If you want to know how to mute stories on Instagram, copy the below instruction:

  • Start with your Instagram app
  • Touch and hold the profile image of the person you want to mute his story above the Feed.
  • Choose ‘Mute’
  • click on ‘Mute Story’
What Should I Do to Unmute Posts on Instagram?

To unmute particular posts on Instagram, follow below steps:

  • Search the muted user’s Instagram page and open them.
  • Select “Following” under their profile image.
  • Click on “Mute.”
  • In the end, unmute posts by setting the “Posts” switch “off.”
What Should I Do to Unmute Someone on Instagram Story?

When you mute someone’s story, you can not see their story along with others above your feed. So if you switched your mind and need to unmute their stories, you have to:

  • Find their username from their Feed post and touch it.
  • Choose “Following” under their profile.
  • Touch “Mute,” then hit next to “Stories.”


If you are among people who do not want to see nonrelated posts and stories on your feed but can not unfollow those accounts as they are your family and friends, you need to know how to mute their accounts. Here, we talked about how to mute posts, stories, and DMs. Also, you can use a great DM tool like DMpro to mute and unmute numerous accounts.

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