Reset Snapchat Password with No Email or Number

Some believe that today there is no need to remember the password as there are a lot of password-saving opportunities and auto-login services. We have all experienced the situation that we need to log in but forget our password. How many times has it happened to you, and what can you do instead of resetting your password?

Here, I want to help you in a situation that you log out of your Snapchat account and forget your Snapchat password.

What to make when you skip your Snapchat password and email?

Sometimes you are logged out of your Snapchat or need to sign in from another device, here you can adjust your password directly from the login side. But, pay attention that you need a registered phone number on it to do this work.

How to reset Snapchat password without phone number

Sometimes, it happens that you do not have a phone number connected with your Snapchat account or can not access it, but still, you can get a new Snapchat password

How to reset Snapchat password when you did not have an email and phone number

Here the process is a little more complicated. But to get a new password when you misremembered your password and can not access the enrolled email ID or phone number, work on these below items.

Recover your email ID on all your email IDs and services

First, try to find the email ID that you used to generate your Snapchat account and reset your password with it. To find out which email ID you use for Snapchat, seek the welcome email that Snapchat transfers you when you start your account. You might find the email with the ‘Welcome to Snapchat!’ title. Try utilizing the search advantage in your email client to locate the following titles:

  • Welcome to Snapchat
  • Team Snapchat
  • Happy Snapping
  • Confirm email
  • [email protected] (this is the email ID used for the welcome email)

Apply these search titles on all your email IDs, and wish to find one of them will give up results.

Employ Gmail Search Chips

If you own a Gmail account, you can use its new Search Chips capacity. Search Chips support you to limit your search outcomes. If you remember the overall date you performed your account, you can apply the ‘Custom range’ point to make a limitation to your search.

Check Google Password Manager

Did you identify that Google has been keeping your passwords for situations like this? If you wanted to store your password with Google when you first signed in, you might find it in the Google Password Manager.

To reach Google Password Manager, run your device contexts, and hit on ‘Google’. Now choose ‘Manage your Google Account’ below your email ID. Go through the top panel to find ‘Security’, then go right to the back to ‘Password Manager’. Seek your Snapchat account, then share your password by hitting the ‘view’ button.

Contact Snapchat support

If none of the above items work, try reaching the Snapchat support team and ask them to help you take back your account again. Apply the Snapchat Support form at the back of their ‘Help’ Page.


When you use social media, one of the bad situations is when you forget your password. Today, we explained what you to do when you can not remember your Snapchat password.

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