How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Discord

Discord is a social program that allows you to communicate with your colleagues, your company, or other like-minded users. Discord has points comparable to other chat programs but permits everyone who bestows your server to ping you quickly.

It might occur for all of you that block people who do not like to receive their messages. The other idea is the possibility that someone else does this to you as he does not want to contact you anymore.

If these scenarios are confusing for you, we collect simple tips that help you to understand someone blocked you on Discord or not and how to block someone on Discord.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Discord?

Here I divide the solution to tell if someone blocked you on Discord into the in-built Clyde bot and message reactions. Continue reading to learn more about each one.

  • Tell if someone blocked you on Discord through Clyde bot

Clyde bot is an approved bot that is normally combined into Discord and informs you about any unresponsive things you make. (You can find Clyde on the Discord logo, too).

If you want to text anyone who has blocked you on Discord, the Clyde bot will forward a message indicates that your message will not deliver as you do not share the server with the recipient. Also, you might block by a recipient, and he just takes messages from his friends.

The Clyde bot does not immediately show you that the mind is that you are blocked, but provides several other causes why you did not receive the messages. Because of that, the way Clyde tells you that you are blocked on Discord is not reliable, as it might confuse it with the time that the user has disabled the ‘Anyone can message’ choice. You might find it as a simple message not specifically from Clyde on Android or iOS.

  • Tell if someone blocked you on Discord through message reactions.

Message reactions are another more reliable but not popular means of telling if someone has blocked you on Discord. When you react to the person’s message like always, the user will see your reaction if he did not block you blocked you. But if they have blocked you, they can not see your reaction, while you might find a frail vibration on your screen. Also, you might notice an alert on your mobile device stating ‘Reaction blocked’ when you want to react to the user’s text.

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Other ways to understand someone might block your account on Discord:

  • You will find error notifications from the application side while you can not vie their profile.

Whenever you seek a user who might block you, you will find some error notification on your cover. It cautions you that the user is taking your messages while you can not view their profile anymore. When someone blocked you on discord, it means you can not visit their bio or profile anymore. Because when someone blocks you, it will generally separate you from the list of friends.

Blocking someone on Discord

While blocking is not the first item you can do, sometimes there is no other choice than blocking. There are two methods to block someone on Discord.

Block some users from the chat:

All you have to do to block someone from a chat is to go through their username and right-click on it, then choose ‘Block.’

Or you can block someone from their profile:

  • Tick on the user’s title in the Direct Message section of Discord.
  • Tick on their profile photo.
  • Choose the three-dot list icon at the head right.
  • Choose Block.

Blocking is restricted to chat. Someone you block could view what you post and view your status but could not contact you through DM.


Today the number of Discord members is increasing.. It might happen to all of them that send a message but see a strange message or do not know that would reach or not? Or you might need to block someone’s chat, here we talked about all these points, and you will learn how to tell if someone blocks you on Discord and how to block someone.

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