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How to Turn On YouTube Hidden Dark Mode

Most people on the street talk about the YouTube new look.

Everybody can use the new look of YouTube if they want it. But before anything I want to make a quick poll: Did you ever wake up, roll over, and take your phone to rise to take up on all your social media feed, just to be blinded by the fiercely light white screen? 

  Many of us have this experience, and it is not pleasant. I am sure you understand the sensation. 

But I have good news for you. Your regular YouTube catch-up does not have to include that blinding discomfort anymore. You can use YouTube new dark mode – others might want to name it, YouTube night mode – and setting it on effects for a less bright (see: not blinding), easy-on-the-eyes practice.

What is the solution to turning on YouTube dark mode?

  1. What does YouTube dark mode mean?
  2. How to enable YouTube dark mode?

Here, I want to explain each item in detail, so you can use them to set your YouTube dark mode.

What does YouTube dark mode mean?

YouTube dark mode is just a point that YouTube has attached that enables users to convert YouTube’s background from white to black. Additionally recognized as night mode, dark mode is particularly nice in a dark place or for those who like something a little more comfortable on the eyes.

You may want to know about these items:

  • Enabling YouTube dark mode on your desktop (PC or Mac)
  • Turning on YouTube dark mode on iPhones.
  • Turning on Youtube dark mode on Androids.

How to enable YouTube dark mode?

Different people use various devices to stream YouTube videos all day. Here, I want to talk about enabling YouTube dark mode on the most common devices: desktop, iOS, and Android.

The best way to enable YouTube dark mode on your desktop (PC or Mac)

While several people like to stream videos on their phones nowadays, a few people want to watch videos on their laptops through lunchtime every day.

If you are among people who look to turn on your YouTube dark mode in your web browser, begin by driving to

Then in the head right corner of the home screen, you can find your profile icon. Touch on that.

After that, you will find a drop-down menu that appears to allow you to click into “Dark theme” to apply your dark mode.

If you have made it perfectly, the small circle should soon be blue and dark mode will be allowed on your web browser! You can now travel back to your home screen and begin browsing YouTube for your desired videos.

Here you can discover what your home screen should seem like once you have animated YouTube dark mode on your desktop.

 Tick the small gray circle to animate dark mode on your popular web browser.

How to enable YouTube dark mode on iPhone

For people who experience the dilemma I brought up earlier – the entire wake-up-roll-over-being-blinded-by-your-phone point – let’s see how to activate dark mode on your iOS device.

Begin by running your YouTube app.

Following, when you want to enable dark mode on your desktop, find the profile icon in the head right corner of your phone screen and click it.

It will provide you your drop-down list where you will touch on Settings.

 You can find the little white circle close to ‘Dark theme’ to activate the dark mode.

If you have made it perfectly, the circle should seem blue and dark mode should be allowed.

Here you will notice what your home screen should look like as you have animated YouTube dark mode on your iPhone.

How to enable YouTube dark mode on Androids?

If you use Android phones, you can use them in this way.

Start your YouTube app, and choose the profile icon on the head right side.

Drive to and choose ‘Settings’ in the drop-down list.

Choose General.

Tick the little gray circle next to the Dark theme.

If you have made it rightly, the circle should look blue, and you enable dark mode.


If you are among YouTube users, you may like to use it as easily as possible. The good news is that YouTube offers a new feature to its users as dark mode. The dark theme lets you tone down your screen’s brightness and experience YouTube with a dark background. Here in the above text, I explained how to turn on the Dark mode base on your cellphone.

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