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How to unfollow someone on Instagram?

Whether you are a content creator or influencer, it is important to build your follower count on Instagram. But once you see your account is full of inactive follows or unwanted accounts that help no object to you, so you decide to remove them all. Now, if there are hundreds or thousands of these accounts, removing them one by one is excruciatingly dull. You might think about finding a good Instagram unfollow app that helps you clear out your unwanted followers.

In this article, I will introduce 15 of the best Instagram unfollow apps. You can use them to clear your Instagram account from unneeded accounts.

Best Instagram Unfollow Apps

  1. Followers Insight for Instagram

One of the most reliable options in our program is Followers Insight for Instagram. It makes you able to unfollow anyone who does not follow you back easily. So you can make sure that you are only following users who enjoy your content. This app owns the very straight basis of detecting who does not follow you back and unfollowing those. Also, you can use this app to control your account, view your likes and comments on all posts, and rank your most successful posts. You can search and download it from Play Store.

  • Unfollow Users

If you are becoming irritated with an imbalanced follower-to-following rate or saw a drop in your follower number, it is time to try Unfollower Users. It helps you to find Instagram users who do not follow you back and unfollow them automatically. Using Unfollow Users, make this option to unfollow one user at a point or in mass.

  • Followers Track for Instagram

If you need an amazing option to unfollow on Instagram, the next recommendation is Followers Track for Instagram. It is perfect for anyone who needs to have a better natural increase on their profile. Within this app, the users can access a lot of basic info about their followers. For example, they understand, who is new, who does not follow you back, and who blocked you. More than that, it shows you any deleted likes and a lot of other important information. It is free for iOS, and you can download it from the App Store.

  • Followers & Unfollowers

Like most follower tracking apps, Followers & Unfollowers is an app that needs your Instagram username and password to allow you to use its services. The unique point is that this app will never use and give your private data without your permission.

You can use this app to add any special accounts that you follow to your preferences. To make this, take an along-tap on the picture of the Instagram account. The app additionally gives you necessary information about the people who follow your Instagram account. The same as other Instagram unfollow apps on this text, Followers & Unfollowers allows ordering your Instagram followers. It supports you to recognize accounts that do not follow back and gives information on the most advanced unfollower. Apart from that, you can find a list of mutual followers on this app.

  • Followers Assistant

One of the most beneficial points that Followers Assistant proposes is to find the users who do not follow you back. Also, you will understand who follows you that you do not follow back, who has lately unfollowed you, and even find followers who do not communicate with you.

There is a Quick Stop Follow option, and you can tap it on your screen to end following up top 200 users. Also, you can use the View Comments option to reply to all comments in new posts. 

  • Unfollow Pro for Instagram

It is an app not just for unfollowing Instagram accounts, but you can simply achieve acumens. The app highlights three parts of Unfollowers, Ghost Followers, and Mutual Followers. The same as other Instagram unfollow apps, it has a plain and natural design.

Unfollow Pro presents a record of accounts that are working and like most of your Instagram posts. So, it is easier to follow them if you receive giveaways. You can use this app to unfollow a peak of 100 Instagram users once, which means saving time and energy to improve your Instagram marketing tactics.


Instagram is an inherent element of our days, but it can take a bit too many times. If you choose a dedicated unfollow app, you can manage your account better and be sure that only quality people follow you.

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