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Why do I get “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook?

If you use Facebook very often and you have been on Facebook for years, you have surely faced the error “This content isn’t available right now” at least once, or you have heard of another Facebook user having this problem.

It’s not something you need profound research for, so, ordering essay help by EssayHub wouldn’t be that viable in this case. Yet, you will definitely need this service if your major is connected to social media or programming. In this article, you can read about the basic reasons for the error mentioned above, and why does it say this person is unavailable on messenger.

this content isn't available right now

What is “Content not found Facebook” error?

Facebook is one of the most widely used software in today’s world, and like all other popular apps, Facebook users might encounter different errors like the “this content isn’t available right now facebook”. But do not worry because this is among simple errors that would happen when you try to open a link on Facebook. If you want to know about the reasons for “content not found facebook” and how to fix the “facebook content not found” issue, continue reading.

Why do I see “this content isn’t available facebook” error?

All Facebook users might face this content isn’t available facebook error sometimes. But why do we see facebook content not found and no data available facebook? I have searched the whole web in order to find the reasons why this error shows up on Facebook, and I have gathered all the reasons why this message appears.

Below are all the reasons why you get “Sorry, This Content Isn’t Available Right Now “on Facebook.

  1. You are blocked

We all know that when someone chooses to block us on Facebook, we can no longer see their posts, which can cause the “this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook. 

2. The content is flagged as spam

If a Facebook post is inappropriate and violates any rules, it would be deleted and flagged as spam, so that might be a reason why you get this error.

3. You might have been logged out

Sometimes, Facebook makes you log out of your account, involuntarily and you might be unaware of that. But all you need to do is refresh the page and when the login screen shows up, enter your credentials to get logged in successfully. Then search the content once again, and you would most probably see the “this content isn’t available right now” error is gone.

4. The post’s privacy settings are changed

There are times that you can no longer see a post you could see earlier; that might be because the poster has decided to change the post’s settings and make it more private and choose who can see the post. Options like Public, Friends, Friends except.., Specific friends, etc., are available on Facebook, and if these settings are changed by the owner, there is nothing you can do to fix it.

this content isn't available right now

5. The post is removed by the original poster

The post you are trying to reach might be deleted by the person who posted it for any reason, and anyone who tries to see it might face this famous error.  

6. The post has location or age restrictions

Facebook allows its users to choose who they’d like to see their posts and to keep the content restricted to a specific age group or location. The post which is shown to you as unavailable might have location or age restrictions that you are not qualified to see. Meanwhile you may use any VPN service provider to check if it does work. You can read more about best VPN for Facebook on Reviewedbypro website.

7. Facebook might be down

Whenever we face errors and bugs on any platform, one of the first reasons which come into our mind is that the platform has faced issues. When you get “This content isn’t available right now” error, Facebook might be facing global crashes and issues.

You can check whether Facebook is down or not on “Down detector” and see if the problem is from Facebook’s side.

this content isn't available right now

8. Malware or Bug Intrusion

This might be surprising, but some Facebook users found out that a virus or bug was the reason that they saw the “This content isn’t available right now” error on Facebook. Make sure to clear out any virus and malware from your device using an anti-virus. 

9. The original poster has deactivated or deleted their account

When someone deactivated or deleted their Facebook account, their content might be affected. Another common reason why users might be getting an error “this page isn’t available” is because the user has deactivated his profile by which the content was posted.

How to fix “this content isn’t available facebook”?

Previously, you read about the possible reason that we might face the “this content isn’t available right now facebook” error. Now, I want to tell you some points that might help you to solve the problem of this content isn’t available right now facebook. 

  • Update your app to the latest version
  • Check if the user has blocked you
  • Search and find if the user has deactivated his account
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it 
  • Ask and find if the user has newly deleted a post or modified privacy settings.

What does this person is unavailable on messenger mean?

Have you ever faced the “this person is unavailable on messenger” error? Do you know what does this person is unavailable on messenger mean? and why does it say this person is unavailable on messenger? Whenever you see this message in your conversation with someone on Facebook Messenger, it indicates that you are not able to chat with them, but what causes it?

We believe that this error could be the result of the below case:

  • That person has blocked you, recently on Messenger or Facebook.
  • He has deactivated or deleted his Messenger account.
  • He has a banned or suspended account on Facebook or Messenger.

What is “This user is no longer available” error?

More than the “content not found facebook” error, sometimes you might face the “this user is no longer available” error, too. When you this error about any account it can mean that this account is disabled and you can reach no data available facebook related to that special account. “This user is no longer available” error might happen because of several reasons such as:

  • Posting content against the Facebook Terms.
  • Operating a fake name.
  • Copying someone’s character.
  • Continuing behavior that goes against our Community Standards.
  • Contacting somebody to drive harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that’s not permitted.


There are several reasons why we get “this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook when trying to reach a post. Some of these causes have solutions, and some of them do not, and now you have all the factors which make a user face this error. Read the above text and learn more about what does this person is unavailable on messenger mean, why does it say this person is unavailable on messenger, no data available facebook and facebook content not found problems.

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