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What are the funniest bio on Instagram

Today, Bios in social networks have become the main part of a page to introduce and attract contacts, so choosing funny Bios for a social network page is the most important principle. What kind of bios we use for our page depends on how good you are at implementing it.

How to write funny bios?

In various social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, bios introduce your work or personality very briefly. Using Bio, you can introduce your activity or personality in one or two short sentences. But what do we do to have the best Bio or funny Bios?

In general, to have an attractive Bio, you should be able to use a combination of appropriate items in it, including website, character description, emojis, brand name in a nutshell, and a summary of the most general items that represent your page. For example, you should write your brand name or full name in Bio and put the first word. Then start with a very short and general description of yourself or your brand so that the audience understands what you are offering. Or who you are.

After that, you can use the office address or contact numbers (of course, if the page is not personal and want to have a client). Finally, you can put your website or blog address to best use the contacts and stay in touch.

Funny Bios

We have explained about bio, but how to write an attractive Bio or have a Funny Bios, below is a list of the best available bio:


Janko # 18

Zagreb, Croatia 🇭🇷
Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪
Ice Hockey 🏒 # 18
Travel ✈️ 45/195 🌎

One of the coolest funny bios ideas that shows the name, place of residence, shuffle, and time of movement completely in just a few words with a few appropriate emojis, this Bio is one of those bios that can be a good example used



Self-taught graphic designer. Finally, showing my work off & selling designs on t-shirts, etc. New designs daily.
#tshirt #tshirtdesign #tshirts

Fear_grafx uses a very simple but professional Bio, first the name and introduction, then a brief description, and finally three related hashtags and the website address. The idea of ​​trim bios can be implemented in this way to have a good funny Bio


Kapil Sharma Latest Jokes

Daily Dose Of Laughter 🤣

This Bio is about an Indian comedian whose phrase Daily Dose Of Laughter is perhaps the most eye-catching. You can even use a very short sentence to show what content you are producing and what your intention is to launch a social network.



Public Figure

𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐡𝐚𝐦 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐡𝐚𝐦, 𝐔𝐊 🇬🇧
🄻🅄🄽🄰 🄻🅄🄽🄰 18/09/2019
🅉🄴🅄🅂 /10 31/10/2019
𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛 𝐃𝐌 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛
⬇️🛍️ 𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓 ⬇️🛍️ ⬇️🛍️

This page is about two dogs, and many pictures and videos of them are published every day. Pay attention to the Bio of this page, it is very concise, attractive, and beautifully written. First the name, then the type of activity, then the location, the date of birth, and finally the address to get discount coupons are given to the contacts.


Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. ❤️

It might be a little interesting to see the name of Instagram, but one of the best bios is written on this page. You may ask why? Take a look at the sentence written on Bio Instagram: Bringing you closer to the people and things you love, how can a system of this magnitude be so easily described? Yes, Instagram is a tool to bring people and things we love together! You can write a funny bio with exactly one sentence!



Oring 🌎 Exploring the universe and our home planet.

Sometimes using overnight sentences with emojis can be the best option for creating funny bios. NASA’s official Instagram page has done just that. Consider this sentence: in Exploring the universe and our home planet, NASA’s goal is exactly this one sentence, exploring the Earth and beyond, so how beautifully you can write an impressive bio with just one overnight sentence.

Extreme Sport Tv

Extreme Sport Clips! 🔥😱

-Only posting extreme videos! ☠️
-Don’t follow if you can’t handle it 🙄
-Daily posts!
-DM for a cheap promo! 📩

The interesting thing about this page is that it uses a kind of challenging Bio. That is, the phrase Don’t follow if you can’t handle it somehow provokes the audience to ask themselves: What does this page have that I should not follow? So after that, the page will be more likely to be followed.

Note that using the idea of ​​a challenging bio is one of the funny bios and can be considered as one of the best sentences and writing for Bio.


As we said, to make the Bio more attractive and write funny bios, you should be able to engage your audience or use pseudonyms that persuade the user to visit your page. If you also have interesting bios and good bio ideas, you can write in the comments section of this post.

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What are the most popular Instagram hashtags?

Instagram is now one of the biggest platforms specially for business to grow their brand, and sell their products. Instagram hashtags are one of the best feature to reach thousands of users on Instagram.

The best software to find Instagram hashtags

There is various software to find Instagram trending hashtags that offers a different service for growing Instagram account. Here are the best hashtag selection and search systems:

  1. Instagram trending hashtags websites
    1. Ingramer
    1. Keywordtool
  2. Instagram trending hashtags apps
    1. Autohash
    1. Toptags

Instagram trending hashtags Websites

Ingramer (Free)

The best application to find Instagram trending hashtags is Ingramer. This website is much more advanced in terms of Instagram hashtags than others and has three general categories in hashtags:

  1. Hashtag generator
  2. Hashtag trends
  3. Hashtag details

Hashtag generator is the best option in the hashtags section of ingramer website, with which you can generate hashtags related to your post and post it on Instagram. With this method, you no longer need to do a general search for your relevant and relevant hashtags

Hashtag Trends also displays the best and most attractive hashtags on Instagram that are related to your category based on the number of posts covered.

Hashtag details are the most interesting part of this website, with which you can see the exact details of a hashtag, including its best images and posts, related hashtags, how difficult it is to use the hashtag, and other analytical options.

In general, Ingramer website is the best tool to find Instagram trending hashtags.


A comprehensive website for finding trending hashtags on Instagram and 10 other networks including Twitter, Google, and Amazon. Keywordtool Website, you can see and search for trendy and valid hashtags based on the number of posts posted on Instagram. Of course, this program is free at first and you have to pay a monthly fee to search for more

Instagram trending hashtags apps


The best software for finding and generating hashtags related to your Instagram page is  which will be available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Through this program, first, your Instagram page is analyzed, and based on the posts, related hashtag categories are presented to you, by doing this, you can easily put a suitable hashtag category for each post to receive more views on each article.


Sometimes it has to be on Attract the Instagram target audience but you do not know what hashtags need to be used. TopTags app on Android and iOS is the best way to find related hashtags. Based on this, you can attract the main audience and the target only with the hashtags related to your posts and have the best return. Toptags also provides related hashtags in a combination and selectively to avoid duplicate hashtags on Instagram.

Dog Hashtags

#dogadventures: If you are looking to see the life story of different dogs in the world, this hashtag is very interesting. In it you see dogs that have a special life or go on a trip.

#dogs: One of the most used Instagram hashtags by which you can see different dogs, their games, how to keep, train, or even their lifestyle.

#doglover: In this hashtag, you will see very beautiful dogs, each of which does a specific job. This hashtag refers more to dog owners and shows people who are very interested in dogs.

#adogslife: Dogs’ lives are very interesting and spectacular, sleeping, waking up, behaving, or even eating and playing can be fun for anyone, all of which are listed in the hashtag.

#adogspurpose: A book of the same name that explains the purpose of each dog from being created, this book is one of the most readable products about dogs, which is also often used on Instagram.

#dogtraining: Do you want to train your dog? With this hashtag, you can see all the posts related to dogs of different breeds in the world and take full advantage of its training.

#dogphotography: dog photography, you can see the best professional pictures taken of dogs of different breeds in the world through this hashtag.

Sunday hashtags

#sundayfunday: Sunday is a holiday and fun day. If you went to a place for fun or prepared a special meal for a Sunday party, you can use this hashtag to show it to others. Also, most of the images in this hashtag are all related to Sunday entertainment.

#sundayafternoon: It is interesting to know that this hashtag shows the feeling of a holiday in the afternoon, a sense of calm with a little bit of frustration, but many of them use the time to take care of their personal affairs and take photos of it and post it on Instagram.

#sundayleague: If you are interested in football and its live broadcast on TV, this hashtag covers all the games played on Sunday in the world, and football fans can also use it for their football videos or pictures.

#sundaylunch: Another popular Instagram hashtag that is for people who like food and enjoy eating. This hashtag shows exactly the food that is cooked and served on Sunday, as you know Sunday is a holiday and most home-cooked meals are prepared on this day.

#sundaystyle: If you are fashionable and you are interested in seeing and choosing stylish and modern clothes, follow the Sundaystyle hashtag. In this hashtag, you can see the most diverse clothing models in the world, and you can choose or buy suitable clothes from the models according to your taste. If you have a store page, you can also increase its sales by placing this hashtag on your clothing model.

#sundaymotivation: Many of us are either looking for a way to improve the course of our lives or help other people move forward stronger and with a plan. What better day than Sunday to do this? The sundaymotivation hashtag focuses more on conversations or ways to improve your life and planning, or even motivational videos, and you can use them to start an energetic day in your life.

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Hubspot or Hootsuite; which is better for social media?

Promoting techniques have dissented. In this gaunt edge age, where web-based media is a fragment of individuals’ regular hours of daylight to hours of daylight existences, organizations have additionally accepted this showing off in entry to assuage brands utilizing performing arts. Hootsuite and HubSpot both play an important role in increasing Instagram followers and increase engagement on Instagram. They utilize distinctive web-based media and executive programming to hoist their marketing and profit commitment. 

 In the matter that you are searching for the best online media advertising apparatus to use very just about your image, at that mitigation these two can be your neighboring incredible decision. Is it accurate to pronounce that you are more conflicted than HubSpot and Hootsuite? 

HubSpot: pros and cons

  •   HubSpot’s quirk of thinking of inbound advertising. The general interface makes it unbelievably easy for any client (paying a tiny mind to their experience level) to make online media content that is intended to profit your optimal clients coming to you. They help in increasing Instagram followers as well.
  •  HubSpot offers a splendid announcing framework not at all behind some added. HubSpot gives you the substitute to make extensive reports for individuals or even an assortment of chronicles surprisingly hasty.
  • HubSpot permits you to appendix substance from all one of your records in a single spot. Maybe then having to constantly sign all through various records, HubSpot houses them all asleep on one rooftop which saves you a lot of time and animatronics! 
  • HubSpot is an awesome method to profit important knowledge into the propensities for your clients. Hootsuite and HubSpot both play an important role in increasing Instagram followers and increasing engagement on Instagram They help in increasing Instagram followers Another wonderful allowance of HubSpot for concern use is the truth it permits you to make and tailor your purchaser personas. 
  • You can download the HubSpot App onto your versatile (iOS/Android) or tablet gadget. They help in increasing Instagram followers. In the caustic edge where everybody is for all time in a hurry, it’s significant 
  • Their emotionally approving network blows away that of some new internet promoting suite. these social media management tools prove to be of great help to increase engagement on Instagram Other than the all-right phone and flesh and blood visit acknowledge,  
  • HubSpot is more costly than add-on advertising mechanization apparatuses user-understandable. 
  • Cannot foster web-based media online journals to other stages. As referenced, as we would later think HubSpot is the pinnacle choice of advertising mechanization apparatuses as it should you control anything in one spot including your blog content. 

Hootsuite- pros and cons

  • Hootsuite gives a road to showcasing groups to pretense together, making correspondence, and designation of errands quicker. Reactions and notices are refreshed opportunities to forestall delays. This consistency empowers individuals to cooperate easily and evades confusion. Hootsuite plays an important role in increasing Instagram followers and at the same time to increase engagement on Instagram-like social media platforms.
  •  Timetable your posts ahead of time utilizing Hootsuite and monitor substance that does something admirably considering your intended inclusion organization across various online media stages. These social media management tools prove to be of great help to increase engagement on Instagram. Seeing what works and doesn’t can save a tallying period and permits you to be neighboring to perspectives on that issue. 
  • Increment your image perceivability in the top online media stages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Google+, Youtube channels, and subsidiary social profiles. Like HubSpot, Hootsuite likewise has chrome modules that declare you to computerize posts outdoors temporarily. Hootsuite plays an important role in increasing Instagram followers and at the same time to increase engagement on Instagram like social media platforms.
  •  Track your loyalty by adding tabs to all your socials profile. Keep an eye upon a substance that does something admirably when the crowd and examples of that member when your brands. 
  • With this high-level element, you can screen watchwords that maintain importance in your substance. Social listening will by now happening you to the lead finding thoughts from your clients that you can be adding occurring and apply in your advertising systems. 
  • Social reports are created in the theater for you to swap the results of your promoting activities. Investigate reactions, supporters, and loyalty from the crowd to perceive what substance works best as soon as they. Hootsuite plays an important role in increasing Instagram followers and at the same time to increase engagement on Instagram like social media platforms.
  • Although Hootsuite is more occupied to bring down promoting spending plans, the expenses can back long totaling taking place when you find diverse auxiliary items and highlights. 
  • Forced to utilize the URL joins. With Hootsuite, you are not allowed to use outdoor URL shorteners. 

Giving spotlight upon client association, the board and substance of the executive’s framework, the amassed pattern of your promoting techniques and trial can be effortlessly followed HubSpot. HubSpot, along with every one of its highlights, can position your image showcasing, deals, administration, and web-based media perceivability into another level. They help in increasing Instagram followers. Giving you an across-the-board administration, HubSpot is a productive programming and wise speculation. Hootsuite is centered on the subject of online media executives. Hootsuite offers the setting opinion each brand needs to step up their promoting system. Hootsuite and HubSpot play an important role in increasing Instagram followers and at the same time to increase engagement on Instagram-like social media platforms.

 These social media management tools prove to be of great help to increase engagement on Instagram They guarantee considerable crowd faithfulness and allow you to oversee streams.

 This HubSpot adjacent to Hootsuite Comparison gives a reasonably priced position upon what is the best web-based media the board programming that exists today. They help in increasing Instagram followers too. Audits and fulfillment from numerous customers make it hard to decide which of the two is bigger. Try to capitalize upon your advertising strategies and brand perceivability by utilizing these two stages. 

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12 Important Twitter Stats You Must know in 2021

Twitter is the best place to get current news, connect with your friends and family and also broadcast your opinions. Being a social media platform itself, Twitter might be useful for you, if you are a marketer. Well, Facebook and Instagram also do the job but what makes Twitter stand out? We will get its answer today, in this article.

Marketing on Twitter is not a piece of cake as tweets have a shorter life span and specific character limit. To use this application for marketing and showcasing your brand, knowing Twitter stats 2021 is necessary otherwise you won’t get the expected results. So, without doing any further delay let’s head on to know 12important Twitter stats.

Top Twitter stats of 2021

1.   Number of Twitter users

Before starting to think about marketing on Twitter, knowing the number of Twitter users might boost your confidence. According to Twitter’s latest figures, there is a 21% increase in a year leading to more than 192 million active users on Twitter. Filtering the users, over 55 million of its users are from the US alone and this is approximately 28.6% of the total. If you are starting to compare this number with Facebook, then hold on, because Twitter has a better reach than Facebook.

2.   Number of Tweets per day

If there are 192 million active users on Twitter then imaging the number of tweets per day. According to Internet Live Stats, there are almost 500 million tweets every day that adds up to 200 billion tweets per year.

In 2020, there were about 7000 tweets per minute about TV or movies and 2 billion tweets in the whole year about sports. Tweets about cooking also increased by 300%.

3.   Twitter hashtags

The trend of hashtags started from Twitter which then got exported to Instagram and other social media platforms. In 2021, #COVID19 was the number one trending hashtag on Twitter used nearly 400 million times. The second one was #BlackLivesMatter followed by #Stayhome.

4.   Twitter popularity in the US

According to the latest Twitter Usage Statistics in the third quarter of 2020, 52% of American Twitter users accessed the platform daily and almost 84% used it weekly. Finally, 96% of American users accessed this social media platform monthly.

5.   Growth prediction of Twitter’s user base

According to the eMarketers report, Twitter would see a growth rate of 2.4 percent in 2021 followed by 2.0% in the year 2022. Previously, eMarketer predicted twitter to grow by the rate of 2.8% in 2020 but it showed a significant 8.4% increase in the number of users. So, now you know that the chances of your business getting discovered on Twitter are also increasing.

6.   Twitter demographics- Age

Though we can see a significant percentage of the young generation on Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has its own audience to appeal. Approximately 28.9% of Twitter users are 25 to 34 years old. According to theVAB, 2018, 63% of Twitter users worldwide are of the age group 35 to 65 years. Men outnumber women in every age category, especially in the two mentioned above.

7.   Twitter demographics- Gender

The worldwide ratio of the number of males to that of females on Twitter is 2 to 1 or 66% males and 34% females. However, in the US, this percentage difference appears to be decreasing with 56 percent males and 44 percent females.

Though more men are present on Twitter women are more interested in interacting with brands and shop from them.

The gender difference is more on Twitter as compared to Instagram and Facebook.

8.   How much time users spend on Twitter

According to Statista, 2019, the average time spent on Twitter per session by a user is 3.39 minutes. This statistic should not surprise you as the lifespan of a tweet is also short (15 to 20 minutes). Twitter is mostly used as an outlet for news and communicating about it. In fact, nearly a quarter of verified accounts on it belong to journalists.

Tweets are small and contain ample information making them easier to grasp as compared to long-form captions. This is the reason behind such a short amount of time per session by the users. Facebook has an average of 4.96 minutes per session.

9.   Increase in Twitter’s ad revenue

According to the eMarketer report in 2020, Twitter ad revenue went up by 15% in that year. Advertisers spent almost $808 million on advertisements on Twitter in the third quarter of 2020. The USA brings most of the advertisement income to Twitter, followed by Japan in the second position.

10.                Twitter ad engagement

According to Twitter’s third-quarter 2020 report, the engagement of users on Twitter ads has significantly increased. Simultaneously, Twitter said that CPE (Cost Per Engagement) is down by 9%. Marketing on Twitter might be cheaper and more effective as compared to Facebook and Instagram and you can get extra benefit by creating more engaging ads. Many influencers tend to buy twitter followers to increase their engagement and generate more ad engagements.

11.                Twitter influence on brand sales

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 2019, 4 out of 10 Twitter users made the purchase of a product after seeing its ad on social media. This means that Twitter is having a great influence on consumers and is also highlighting the fact that it has become necessary for brands to be present on social media.

12.                Twitter tops the list in Japan

Though Facebook is the number one social media platform in the US, Twitter dominates in Japan. More than 64.1% of Japanese people use Twitter. In fact, more than 25% of Twitter users are from Asia-Pacific.


We hope these 12 stats will help and motivate you to sign up on Twitter and make your business a huge success over it. With more than 192 million daily active users, you have the chance to engage with a new audience every day and expand your business in a cost-effective manner. Most of the businesses are already advertising on Twitter to increase their engagement and leads and if you are not onboard yet, then you should be, ASAP.

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5 ways to increase your Facebook Page Engagement

Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, people have taken to the site to share their social experiences. It has become the ideal platform for brands, marketers, celebrities, influencers, and individuals. Although the platform offers infinite possibilities for growth, managing a business has become a daunting task. Factors such as intense competition and stringent policies of this social media platform sometimes prevent the necessary traction. This has arrived as a barrier to the growth of new brands or newbies who have just started their journey. However, you don’t need to fret about anything as we have uncovered 5 ways to increase your Facebook Page Engagement. This article encompasses 5 Actionable Strategies and techniques that will drive traffic to your Facebook Page. All these tips & tricks have worked for us and will combat all the issues that are holding back your growth on Facebook. Start today and become the proud owner of a successful online business.

Publish Fan-centric Content 

Perhaps most brands take things for granted by adopting a casual approach towards content. The social media space is limitless and should not be restricted under any circumstances. Your customers form a component of your audience base and their needs should be your priority. Tune your fans for customized multimedia content that is in their best interest. Analyze their tastes and preferences and discover posts that garner huge intrigue. Follow the golden content curation rule that gives 80% weightage to fans’ interests and only 20% to self-promotion. Apart from this, post a diverse range of eye-catching content that engages your audience. This method will effortlessly increase your page engagement. For leveraging this technique, you can post when your fans are online.

Get the timings right

We bet you can’t go wrong on this. The perfect time does exist on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm is friendly towards post engagement. Your likelihood of getting more Facebook likes, comments, and shares increases when your users are active. Hence, you should avoid falling into the random post trap as it will not help to gain account growth. Besides this, post less because great content is the need of the hour. You can take advantage of a Facebook Scheduling Tool to plan your Social Media Calendar. It will facilitate flexibility and let you focus on Key Factors that affect your page.

Focus more on video marketing

Videos are the way to go in this competitive online market. They have revolutionized internet marketing that has already witnessed tremendous growth. This tactic will help you to increase Facebook Page Engagement. With each brand or business focusing on engagement through videos, you might get stuck between loose ends. We don’t want that to happen. Hence, we recommend you implement a video-focused approach. You will be able to generate a wave of likes, views, and shares by incorporating some unique elements in your Facebook videos. Prominent among these are square videos, custom thumbnails, engaging captions, descriptive titles, a call to action amongst others. Don’t forget to target the right audience and use insights to discover the metrics that affect video performance.

Go live

Going live is an undeniable fact that drives maximum Facebook page engagement. Only a few folks are acquainted with this information. Facebook tweaked its algorithm to provide favorable treatment to the section of the live videos. Leverage this option if you want to witness a maximum response of users. Another significant reason to invest time in the live section is that videos rank higher in the News Feed. However, owing to the free and unrestricted access provided by the live option, a trivial thing may result in a downfall. Hence, it becomes inevitable to use the right approach. Brands can benefit from numerous tips including sourcing content, choosing the right time, being interactive, building relationships, and many more. Besides this, you can take the help of other networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share the links.                   

Give a prompt response

Your visitors have invested valuable time in your content. Accordingly, they deserve special treatment. You must try to reply to all your followers’ comments within an hour to make them feel at ease. This will further develop brand loyalty and encourage them to have a long-term association with your brand. A quick and personalized response can work wonders for your business and drives more engagement than a simple like. Mention the names of your team members while replying and show fans that they’re being heard.

A thorough analysis of the above factors will enable you to reach the next level of marketing on Facebook. We understand that handling social media is not a cakewalk, but the right strategies mentioned in this article will flip the game. Kickstart your journey today and take the road less traveled by implementing these 5 groundbreaking ways for boosting Facebook Page Engagement.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts?

Creating content might not have become easier, but YouTube has rolled out a new feature “YouTube Shorts” to help creators reach a wider audience. Don’t know what it is? Well, YouTube Shorts is the latest addition to YouTube, which lets creators upload video clips of 60 seconds or less.

One important thing to be taken into consideration – YouTube has not separated Youtube Shorts from the original content on the platform. Hence, the correct use of YouTube Shorts can make your reach skyrocket. Subsequently, a short video with content that does not sit right with your audience, can have a negative impact on your reach. That said, let’s have a look at the various tips you can keep in mind to increase the view count and engagement on your Shorts.

Keep the duration in mind

YouTube allows the Shorts to be at most 60 seconds long. However, Youtube recommends the duration to be 15 seconds or less. Certain things to make note of:

  • YouTube allows users to upload Shorts videos of 60 seconds or less.
  • The Shorts camera lets the creator shoot a video of 15 seconds at most.

Hence, keeping both of these in mind, the key is videos of 15 seconds or less. This is because your audience might not be hooked onto your content for the entire 60 seconds, and might skip it in between. This results in the YouTube algorithm considering it as “not-so-good” content. Thus, we recommend that you upload or shoot a 15-second long video on YouTube Shorts. 

Give it enough time

Based on the video performance, YouTube determines the audience of your Shorts. The first time YouTube rolls it out, it might not sit right with the audience, resulting in a negative impact and your video not being showcased on the Shorts shelf. However, with time, YouTube tests your content with a varied audience, and it might cater to the choices of the current audience. Thus, YouTube will count it as a positive response and might showcase your content on the Shorts shelf. 

Put the correct hashtag

The hashtag for YouTube Shorts is #shorts. A lot of people make the mistake of putting the wrong hashtag in their content. The most common variation is the #short. Using the correct hashtag, i.e., #shorts would help the YouTube algorithm recognize that the content is meant to be a YouTube Shorts and not a regular video. Getting your content identified by the YouTube algorithm goes a long way. Hence, we recommend you take care of the hashtag you use when uploading or creating your Shorts video.

Make Shorts related to your regular content

The first people that interact with your videos, be it Shorts or your regular video content, are your subscribers. Your existing audience base follows you because your videos cater to their interests. Hence, making videos keeping their choices in mind would translate into more interaction and a higher chance of getting it featured on the Shorts shelf. You can also repurpose your video content to ensure your content is consistent with your brand message.

Edit your video with care

Since the duration length of Shorts is ‘short’ (pun intended), you must keep the audience engaged and hold their attention throughout the video. Edit your videos using some external software and make sure these wow your viewers.

To conclude, YouTube Shorts is a great way for smaller channels to gain an audience on YouTube with very little or almost no effort. It will only take a few minutes to shoot and edit the videos, and the potential pay-off is massive. We hope this article helps you in your journey. All the best!

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How to get followers on Instagram without following?

Instagram is a visual board based on networking on which you can mount your business to gain a wider audience. If you are still not using Instagram at this point, you are missing out on a huge market that has the scope to sell your products. Instagram has more than 1 billion active users at this point, making it a place where you can market yourself effectively using various strategies (for instance, visiting the best place to buy real Instagram likes).

Maybe you are someone who already has a business profile on Instagram but does not know how to optimize it and use it effectively. One of the most difficult steps people struggle with on this platform is growing the number of followers on their accounts. It is not easy to get an audience to trust an upcoming business that hasn’t yet proved its worth.

How to get followers on Instagram without following?

So let us give you a few methods on growing your account in a way that will attract new customers in a way that is deemed beneficial for your business. Here are a few tips:


A lot of people end up making this mistake and ruin their business value immediately. There are many reasons to not take that advice, as it can mess with the algorithm and well, people just won’t fall for that anymore. When you use this method to gain Instagram followers, it makes you look very professional The ideal ratio between the numbers of people you follow and the followers you have should be 1:5 and as your business grows more you can make it 1:10 or even more. The number of people you follow should always be less than the number of followers you have.


The first impression is the last, haven’t we all heard that? When you create a compelling landing page, the audience is roped into it and feels obliged to follow you. Aesthetics and glam are the game on Instagram. You can even use certain themes that suit your business to get more audience. Not only do you have to make your page attractive but it should be discoverable too. Use keywords on your bio and posts that will put your profile on the top should anyone search for that keyword. By this action, you are using the Instagram algorithm itself to drive traffic to your profile.


Making use of relevant hashtags that can attract an audience interested in the same niche, can have powerful results. You should have a list of popular hashtags related to your niche or business that you can make use of in a rotation for your posts. You should also update your hashtags regularly, you can go to old posts to edit them too. Even if the pots are old, the new hashtags can get you amazing results in the way of increased followers. Make sure that the hashtag has been used at least 1000 times, making it a moderately active hashtag.


Everyone likes free stuff. Instagram contests and giveaways are a great way to generate more followers for your profile. You can run a contest or giveaway on your page every 2-3 months in a bid to get more traffic. People become more aware of your profile when you offer them incentives such as a grand prize. It is a great method to gain followers without having to follow them back. Set clear rules that anyone who follows-unfollows will be banned from future giveaways, making it easy for you to weed out those who will unfollow you as soon as the giveaway or contest closes.


It is an obvious fact that has not been said enough times, frequent posting gets your business noticed more. If you increase your Instagram followers and then post in infrequent intervals, you will likely start losing active followers. Think about it, would you follow a page whose last post was 3 months ago? No one would! Posting frequently keeps your audience loyal and makes your business a good option to have their needs catered to. You will gain more followers if you pop up frequently in their feed, keeping your brand fresh in their head. It will also increase your brand reach by leaps and bounds.


So now you have a guide on how to get Instagram followers without following them back. Additionally, some apps help you generate more followers for free. You can make use of any of the methods mentioned above to grow your audience well. Instagram has turned into a hub for small businesses and large conglomerates alike. With the power social media wields, businesses have been able to thrive with just social media profiles. The engagement found on these websites is like no other.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Phone?

 We all experience this situation that we deleted a text message, and shortly after, we recognize that we need it.

How to recover deleted text messages on your cell phone?

It is good to know that if you be a little lucky, you might get it back. First, we talk about recovering iPhone messages, and then we go through Android phones.

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone

  1. How to recover deleted texts from an iCloud backup

To use iCloud, you have to get an iCloud backup before you missed the message. If you do so, you might find the lost messages.

To retrieve deleted messages from iCloud.

  1. First, you have to open Settings and click on your name or picture top of the page.
  2. Then choose the iCloud > Manage Storage icon, and click Backups.
  3. Now, you will find a list of available backups. Find the correct device message that you saved before you delete it.
  4. It is good to know that retrieving messages need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. It means you will miss all data you have collected. It is good to make separate copies of any original files you need.
  5. When you did them all, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and start restoring your iPhone to default settings. After a few minutes, your phone guides you through the typical setup. Here, you have to be careful to choose the correct option to recover from a backup.
  • How to recover deleted texts from an iTunes/Finder backup

Do not worry when you can not retrieve your messages from iCloud. There is another option to find them from a backup on iTunes or Finder. It is better to have a backup from your messages, but if you do not that, still try this way.

You have saved anything precious to you. Because in this method, you will lose your data if you did not have a backup.

  1. First, you have to connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC you backed it up. Then try to open iTunes or Finder.
  2. If you open iTunes, you will find an iPhone icon look on the top left-hand side. Then choose it. But if you use Finder, you have to find your device from the left-hand table bar.
  3. After that, select Restore backup that you might find under the General tab.
  4. Finally, you will see that all the data you earlier backed up is on your phone. It might take some minutes.
  • How to recover deleted texts using a third-party app

Sometimes you may find that the past options are not helpful. Now it is time to find a third-party software app and install it. While you have to pay for some of these tools, none of them guarantee that you will find your messages. But sometimes there is no other choice, and you have to try it.

There are a lot of third-party apps to retrieve your lost messages from your iPhone. Here, I want to introduce some famous ones like PhoneRescue by iMobie, Enigma Recovery, WonderShare Dr.Fone for iOS, and Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Sometimes after you remove messages, they persist on your handset till overwritten, so it might be possible to retrieve deleted messages utilizing these services. But with no guarantee.

I have a piece of advice if you want to use one of these tools. Try to do so as immediately as you can.

Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

 Put your cell phone in Airplane mode, as the first thing after you realize you have removed an important text. Do not record audio or use the camera anymore. Make sure you do not produce any further data that may overwrite your text information.

  • Ask the Sender/Recipient

As soon as you understand you removed an urgent text message, the easiest way is to ask the sender. Here, you have to ask the person to send you a screenshot if he still has the text. Also, you can ask for another forwarded message. If you were not successful in these ways, it is time to try other possible ways.

  • Use an SMS Recovery App

We recommend this way to all of you, but it might not work for various people. Some of the famous recovery apps are Wondershare Dr Fone, Coolmuster Android SMS Recovery, Yaffs free extractor, and Undeleter app. While today, there are many sites suggesting recovery apps for Android devices, there are many drawbacks to these options. Some recovery apps offer a free trial. But after you want to use them, they require you to pay to retrieve your texts. Some of them ask for a higher price as they make you assume they are trustworthy and the app works.

More than that, an SMS recovery app may reach rooted to your cell phone. In this way, it will access all your files on your device, so it is a risky process. Because the folder containing your messages is hidden from you in a preserved system folder on Android, you can not scan that folder without rooting. It is also true about installing a trustful file browser app.

Unfortunately, text recovery apps may not work without rooting your device. Alternatively, if you decide to give such apps root access to your phone, you may face a blank screen or a security warning.

Also, you may discover software that requires you to use the USB Mass Storage protocol for return, which you can not do.


We all face a lost or accidentally deleted message at least once? But you could recover them using some simple recovery ways that we introduced in the above text.

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How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone?

Today many people choose smartphones as the most comfortable and most durable way to interact with others. When you connect to the internet with your smartphones, you can send instant messages, make calls, and distribute multimedia records with anybody you like. Sometimes youth do not use their phones in a good way, and because they are scared of their parents, they keep their phones secret. If you are a parent, you might be concerned about what he is doing with his phone.

How to read someone’s text messages without their phone?

One famous way is to learn all about spy apps that help you read texts without their phone.

 Here, we introduce four famous tools that help you to read someone’s messages without their phone.

Most real Spy Apps to Monitor Someone’s Text Messages

If you want to see text messages from your private phone without them understanding, the best way is to choose a spy app. But recognize that you might find many fake spy apps through the internet for both Android and iOS phones. Because of that, I made a list of the top four spy apps for you to read someone’s text messages.

  1.  XNSpy

A decent cellphone monitoring solution is XNSpy that you can download for free. With this app, you can read someone’s text messages without their understanding. You can read, sent, collected, and removed messages on both iOS and Android-based phones. You should not hold the app on the iOS device all along you need it. Just, this app needs to be on your device for several minutes as it wants to be placed on the destination phone to work.

2. Spyic

The next free spy app that I want to introduce is Spyic. It is a trustworthy style in the cell phone monitoring application. As well as XNSpy, it is a spying clarification. It helps you can to read someone’s messages out of their phone. Another feature of this app is that you can use it to do call monitoring, position tracking, and social network monitoring.

3. mSpy

If you want to read some’s messages out of their phones, you can use the previous app, but mSpy is another option that could be a more complicated one. This perfect cell phone monitoring clarification gives you the perfect compound of affordability, performance, and security. More than that, this app is secured by a privacy-conscious developer, which means personal data is only available to you.

There are many reasons why you have to choose mSpy. Here, I listed some key reasons.

Extremely Affordable – After its free trial, you have to pay for this app like others. But its regular pricing is highly aggressive, and you will not get a more feature-rich app with this price.

Plan for All Budget – There are multiple plans that you can take based on what you need. Also, this app provides plans to monitor multifold devices like families and employers.

Feature-Rich App – mSpy delivers different features from basic ones like text and call monitoring to advanced ones like keylogging and locating tracks.

 Some key features involve:

  • You can monitor incoming and outcoming calls and text messages.
  • You can access related information like time marks and contact numbers.
  • You can monitor social media networks with prepared messaging apps.
  • You can see online projects and histories even if he deleted them.
  • You can track places in real-time and establish safe zones to receive immediate warnings.

They have 24/7 Customer Service, and it means if you face any problems or have any questions or matters, you can contact the app’s customer service as you wish.

4. Cocospy

Cocospy is another free spy app that you can use as well as mSpy. Its specific features let you find the target device and track it as you want.

Once you install Cocospy to monitor another phone, be sure that it will record all the activities.

With this app, you can find which potential dangers your child may fall into, and you can control their chats on different social media apps, call records, as well as text messages.

5. COCOSPY Features

Know I want to mention some of the most important points of Cocospy that you will enjoy.

GPS tracking-Tracking the GPS location of a device might be much helpful for you. With this feature, you understand where your target is at a specific time. Also, you can use this feature if you lose your phone. If you have Cocospy installed on your phone, you can access the GPS tracking feature and find the location.

Messages tracker (read all messages)- Cocospy can track all messages, even SMS. This app saves all sent or received texts on the control panel of this spy app. Also, you can track all media or audio files transferred between the mark phone and any other contact.

Stay informed with all the social media chats– If you install Cocospy, you can see the target chats on any social media you want to know.  Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp are among these social media that you can track. Also, you can use it for other social networks that are not so popular.

Check the call logs-Another important feature about Cocospy is that you can check the call logs, too. It makes you able to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. This information contains the contact name, phone number, day, time, and call duration. You can find the five most called contact in the dashboard. So you will find the people that the user contacts more. As well as an odd contact appear, the app will warn you.

Photos & video tracking-There is another unique aspect of this software. It enables you to see the actual pictures in the gallery of the target phone. Also, you can save them on your device, and the user might not understand.


If you want to track almost any phone project, you can use different spy apps. XNSpy, Spyic, mSpy, and Cocospy are some of the most appreciated and trustful spy apps in the industry. Also, you can use them for free.

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How to save Instagram videos

Instagram does not allow direct download of videos or photos. Therefore, to save Instagram videos, we need methods other than the program itself. In this article, we will inform you how to save photos, videos, and other media from Instagram in different ways.

Video Downloader software for Instagram

This app is only available for Android phones. One of the best Android software for saving Instagram videos will be the Video Downloader for the Instagram application. It also loads text and video tags with the video.

Android Video Downloader for Instagram

IFTTT software

This software is available on all three operating systems: Windows, Android, and iOS. Using IFTTT you can transfer and save all Instagram videos to your Dropbox account at once. It is very easy to work with this application, but before that, you have to create an IFTTT and Dropbox account.

Download IFTTT software

Dredown Website

The Dredown website is one of the websites that can be downloaded by sending a video link or Instagram image.

First, you have to copy the link of the post or video on Instagram and then copy this link in the browser in the relevant section and click the download option. The relevant file is then downloaded.

Of course, DreDown can also be used for Facebook, Twitter, Cake & Twitch, Wayne, Vimeo, Meta Cafe, Vivo, and Tumblr.

Dredown Website

Regrammer application

You can download and save Instagram videos and pictures using the Regrammer app on iPhone. The Regrammer app is one of the best iOS apps because, firstly, it does not have many promotional messages and, secondly, it is very easy to use. Also, the Regramer application is completely free.

In this application, you also need a link copied from the Instagram post. Once you have copied the link, open the Regrammer program and put the copied link in the box. You can then download the video or photo from Instagram.

Download Regrammer app

Gramblast website

The reason we introduced another website is the possibility of not being able to access the first website. Sometimes one of the websites may not be available and you may want to download the video or photo from Instagram immediately. Another good Instagram video saver app is Gramblast. With this website, you can copy the Instagram post link and put it in a special place, and click the preview and download button to download the desired video and photo.

Save video on Instagram with iOS iPhones

You can also use Instagram phones to save Instagram videos and Instagram reels via iOS apps. To do this, follow these steps:

First, download the Blaze: Browser & File Manager application through this download link in the Apple App Store and install it on your phone.

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and find the video you want. Touch the button with the three-dot icon at the top of the post and click Copy Link.

Then go to the Blaze app and select the download option to easily save the video from Instagram to your phone.

Instagram video saver with Screen Recording

You can also save video from Instagram to your phone using Screen Recording. If you have an iPhone, you can record the screen through the control center, and if you have an Android phone, you can open the screen recording option from the status bar and take a video of the video you want to save the video in your gallery.

Of course, in Android phones, you can also use applications such as AZ Screen Recorder, which is a good alternative for phones that cannot record the screen.

Deleting video due to copyright infringement

Sometimes it is possible that if you download a video from YouTube or Instagram and put your name back on these networks, your video will be deleted without prior notice. Be sure not to download copyrighted videos, as each video with a special code on its header represents the recorder, and if social networks detect that the video is not yours, they will remove it from your page immediately.

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Meta description: Instagram does not allow direct download of videos or photos. Therefore, to save Instagram videos, we need methods other than the program itself. In this article, we will inform you how to save photos, videos, and other media from Instagram in different ways.