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Why there is no connect button on Linkedin?

One of the very common issue on LinkedIn is that people might suddenly find out that there is no connect button on LinkedIn on a specific users’ profile an more. Don’t worry; it’s not a ban or limitation put on your LinkedIn account by the platform. If you found out the LinkedIn connect button is  missing, there are three reasons for that. The issue has been clearly addressed in the LinkedIn help center too.

Why can’t I connect with people on Linkedin?

If there is no connect button on LinkedIn, then you can’t connect with others. Users won’t see the Connect button on a member’s profile if:

  1. They’re already connected to that member
  2. They’ve already sent the member a connection request
  3. The member is outside their network. Instead, they’ll have the option to send an InMail.

Note: InMail allows users to send a direct message to a member that isn’t connected to them. If the Linkedin account is a Basic (free) one, it must get upgraded to a Premium account so that the InMail credits become available. If you have a Premium account and want more InMail credits than the number allotted, purchase up to 10 more.

Learn more about the differences between Basic and Premium subscriptions.

LinkedIn connect button missing

As stated above, you won’t be able to see the connect button on someone’s LinkedIn profile if:

  • The person is already connected with you:

If this is the case, you will be able to direct message this member for free. Because you are already connected, LinkedIn hides the connect button from you on the profile of the intended user, and shows the “message” and “more” buttons, instead:

linkedin button

When someone is connected with you on LinkedIn, they will be displayed as your 1st circle, and you can message them for free.

  • A connect request has already sent to that user:

If a user has already sent another LinkedIn user a connect request, the button’s status turns from “connect” to “pending”:

linkedin connect button

You can’t send the connect request twice at a time to the same person on LinkedIn.

  • The person isn’t a 1st or 2nd circle of connections

Users can only send connect requests to people who are in their 2nd circle of connection, provided that the user has not sent them a request yet. 3rd circle people are those who are not connected with you in anyways. In other words, you and those users have no LinkedIn members as your mutual connections. If this is the case, the Connect button will not be displayed, and you can only InMail (LinkedIn Direct Message) them, which is not free.

linkedin connect button

You can’t see the Connect Button on LinkedIn if you and the said person have no mutual friends on the platform.

As it is obvious in the photo, there is a lock sign on the message button. It means that this option is not available until the promotion of the LinkedIn account. Upgrading the account has many other advantages besides giving you permission to message people out of your circle. However, even if upgraded, you will be able to send messages to people only up to a limited count and to be able to message more people, a payment is needed.

To wrap up

LinkedIn has a great mechanism as a job finding and résumé building platform, and they are doing great in this area. To professional people, their LinkedIn accounts are as important as their jobs, and if they can’t see the connect button on LinkedIn, they might get shocked at first. But keep calm, because contrary to what you think your LinkedIn account is not banned. It is only a typical mechanism of LinkedIn!

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