What are the best IGTV Videos downloader?

There are several ways to download IGTV videos on Instagram that you can use directly or indirectly using third-party applications and web applications. Of course, downloading IGTV videos on Instagram through applications is only possible if the page of the person you want is not private. Do you also want to download IGTV videos on Instagram?

IGTV is part of Instagram that allows users to post videos of more than a minute in full on this social network. Suppose you have a video that is 7 or 8 minutes long and you do not want to break it into 7 or 8 1-minute episodes and post it as a slide on Instagram. So you have to send that video as IGTV. In general, IGTV videos should send in the form of ten-minute videos, but pages with more than 50,000 followers increase the maximum number of videos.

Download IGTV videos

Suppose you want to download an IGTV video from an Instagram page, or save it on your phone, or send it via our Instagram page. The Instagram app itself does not allow you to download the video directly, then we must use the following methods to do so.

Ingramer Igtv downloader

The website of ingramer, which is one of the largest websites of services related to Instagram, also has an IGTV Downloader. Just like the other services of this web application, the IGTV Instagram download service in this application works quickly and without the slightest error.

To download the igtv video on Instagram, all you have to do is enter the IGTV Instagram download tool in this application, and in the download link section on Instagram, you entered the link to this section and download the desired video. Note that if you try to download an igtv video from a private page on Instagram, this website will give an error.


Igram website is another tool uses to download IGTV video on Instagram, among the advantages of this application are a very simple user interface and all-in-one tools. This means that the website automatically detects what kind of content the link you brought from Instagram is related to and then provides it for you to download.

To download the igtv video on Instagram, all you have to do is enter the igram website and then paste the link you copied from Instagram in the section, and now your download will begin.


The igtvloader web application is a tool that is only used to download IGTV videos on Instagram, so it can be the best choice for you when you just need to download IGTV videos on Instagram.

The way this website works is the same as other tools. First, you have to copy the IGTV link on Instagram and paste it in the download section of this website to start downloading the video. It is interesting to know that this web application also has a separate Android application that you can download from Download the website itself so that you can download IGTV videos without access to the website with just one application.


Suppose you want to download IGTV Instagram video in the highest possible quality. Other apps only offer one quality for you to download, but the toolzu website allows you to download IGTV videos in the highest possible quality. So if you want to download the best quality IGTV video and save it on your phone or even resend it on Instagram, you can use this tool.

The method works exactly like other applications in that you must first copy the igtv video link on Instagram and then enter this tool and paste the link to be given the option of downloading the high-quality video. This tool also has other sections such as downloading stories, downloading posts and downloading videos and reels on Instagram.

Igtv download apps

Video downloader for Instagram and igtv

There are also different and useful applications for downloading IGTV Instagram videos that you can download from the Google Play Store. One of the best applications for this is the Instagram downloader for Instagram and igtv, which has a very simple user interface and you can download a video in this application with just a few clicks.

It is worth mentioning that through this program, you can easily repost IGTV videos and send them directly through your account. There are two ways to download, first, copy the video link and insert it into this application, and second, share IGTV on Instagram to this application and insert it into the program.

Video Downloader for Instagram superfast

Another application of IGTV video downloader on Instagram is Video downloader for Instagram superfast that downloads video easily and quickly. Why did we introduce this application? Because at the same time, you can easily download all the videos of a page in one place, and also the download quality of the videos is very high.


In any case, there are more than twenty tools for downloading IGTV video on Instagram, but it depends on which tool offers better services. Depending on the type of video or your request. Using applications is only for Android, but you can use web applications in any operating system.

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