Is transportation a good career path? (Best paying jobs 2023)

The world is changing rapidly and so too is the job market. Major metropolitan areas are seeing a growth in technology-related careers, and with that, the demand for transportation professionals continues to grow. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best paying jobs in transportation in 2023 and find out the answer to “is transportation a good career path.”

Is transportation a good career path?

Yes, If you are looking for a good paying career path, transportation may be the perfect option for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in transportation and warehousing is projected to grow by about 17% over the next ten years. In addition, transportation jobs are some of the most secure jobs out there. The average hourly wage for transportation and warehousing workers was $27.89 in May 2016. This is higher than the average hourly wage for all occupations ($24.59).

If you are interested in this type of career, it is important to have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. Many transportation companies also require applicants to pass a criminal background check. Finally, it is helpful if you have experience working with computers and technology. Many transportation companies now use computerized systems to manage their operations. So as the answer to is transportation a good career path? I will have to say yes, if you have the qualifications and the skills. 

Is transportation a good career path

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How many jobs are available in transportation?

There are a lot of jobs available in transportation. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for people who want to work in this field.

Some of the best paying jobs in transportation include truck drivers, taxi drivers, and bus drivers. These jobs typically pay well above the average salary. They also offer good benefits, such as health insurance and retirement savings plans.

Other careers that are available in transportation include air traffic controllers, bus mechanics, and freight handlers. These careers typically require a college degree, but they offer good pay and benefits. So to answer how many jobs are available in transportation? I will have to say there are not very few ones to count.

10 best paying jobs in transportation

Transportation is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. In fact, the transportation sector is projected to grow by as much as 9 percent over the next decade. There are many different types of transportation jobs available, and each one has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Here are the 10 best paying jobs in transportation:

1. Pilot

Pilot salaries are among the highest in the transportation industry. Pilots can earn an average salary of $127,000 per year.

2. Traffic Controller

Traffic controllers earn an average salary of $81,000 per year. Traffic controllers are responsible for managing traffic flow on major highways and roads.

3. Transportation Manager

The transportation manager position is among the most in-demand in the transportation industry. Transportation managers can earn an average salary of $92,000 per year.

4. Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Airline transport pilots earned an average salary of $111,000 per year as of 2016. ATP pilots are responsible for flying commercial aircrafts.

5. Railroad Engineer

Railroads are one of the most important modes of transportation in America. As a railroad engineer, you can earn an average salary of $118,000 per year.


6. Bus Driver

As a bus driver, you can earn an average salary of $27,000 per year. Bus drivers are responsible for transporting passengers on local buses and intercity buses.

7. Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers can earn an average salary of $32,000 per year. Taxi drivers are responsible for transporting passengers from one location to another.

8. Truck Driver

Truck drivers can earn an average salary of $43,000 per year. Truck drivers are responsible for driving heavy trucks and tractor trailers.

9. Ship Captain

Ship captains can earn an average salary of $117,000 per year. Ship captains are responsible for the safe navigation of ships across the ocean.

10. Cargo Pilot

Cargo pilots can earn an average salary of $112,000 per year. Cargo pilots are responsible for transporting goods and materials by air.

What do transportation jobs pay?

To choose if transportation is a good career path for you or not, you should know the answer to “what do transportation jobs pay”. Transportation jobs pay a lot of money. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for transportation workers is $53,870. This means that, on average, transportation workers make more than most other jobs.

One reason why transportation jobs are so lucrative is that they are always in demand. The BLS predicts that the number of transportation workers will grow by 20% between now and 2024. This means that there will be lots of opportunities for new transportation workers.

Another reason why transportation jobs are so lucrative is that they have good benefits. Transportation workers typically receive health insurance, retirement benefits, and sick days. They also tend to earn a good salary and have good job security.

What are the different transportation career types?

There are a variety of different transportation career paths that you could pursue. Some of the most common career types include: air traffic control, bus driver, train conductor, truck driver, taxi driver, and airline pilot.

The best paying jobs in transportation usually involve working for a large company. For example, air traffic control workers typically earn a high salary and enjoy good benefits. Bus drivers, train conductors, and truck drivers also tend to earn good salaries, but they may not have as many benefits as air traffic control workers. However, there are also many opportunities available in smaller companies. For example, taxi drivers can work for small businesses or ride-sharing services. Airline pilots can work for private airlines or commercial airlines.

There are a number of different transportation career types, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most common types of transportation careers:

Transportation Safety Engineer:

This is the most common type of transportation career. Transportation safety engineers work to make roads and highways safer by developing new safety features and fixing existing ones. They often work in government or private companies. They may also have a degree in engineering or another field.

Transportation Manager:

Transportation managers are responsible for all aspects of running a transportation company. They must plan routes, hire employees, and make budget decisions. They may have a degree in business or economics.


Drivers transport people and cargo using vehicles like trucks, buses, and cars. They usually have a college degree in something like business or engineering. Some drivers also have certification from the National Truck Driving Association (NTDA). This certification ensures that they are qualified to drive large trucks and buses.

Air Traffic Controller:

Air traffic controllers are responsible for allocating planes and controlling airspace. They work for the government, airlines, or private companies. They usually have a college degree in engineering or a related field.


Pilot jobs vary a lot, but most involve flying planes. Pilots may work for airlines, private companies, or the military. They usually have a college degree in engineering or a related field.

Why to join the transportaion career?

Joining the transportation industry can be a very rewarding career choice. The pay is good and the job opportunities are plentiful. Here are three reasons why you should consider a career in transportation and to find the answer to Is transportation a good career path or not:

1. The pay is great. According to Glassdoor, the median base salary for transportation professionals is $69,000 per year. This includes Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers, truck drivers, airline pilots, and more. Plus, many transportation careers offer benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

2. The job prospects are excellent. The transportaion industry is growing rapidly, which means there are always new opportunities available. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the transportaion sector will grow by 20% over the next decade. This means plenty of chances to advance your career and earn more money.

3. The transportaion industry is booming. It’s no wonder so many people are joining the profession – it’s one of the most exciting and dynamic industries out there! Whether you want to work in air travel, trucking, shipping, or another area of transportation, there’s sure to be a position that fits your skills and interests.

5 Best paying jobs in marine transportation

Are you interested in a career in marine transportation? If so, you may be wondering which of the best paying jobs in marine transportation are the most suitable for you.

Here are five of the best paying jobs in marine transportation and their corresponding salaries:

1. Marine pilot: The median salary for a marine pilot is $92,780 per year. Marine pilots travel on ships and planes to provide navigation and guidance to other crew members. This is a highly-skilled job that requires years of training and experience.

2. Cargo handler: Cargo handlers work in all types of ports, including domestic and international ones. They are responsible for loading and unloading cargo from ships and trucks. The median salary for a cargo handler is $50,580 per year. This is a relatively low-paying job, but it offers opportunities for advancement.

3. Deckhand: Deckhands are responsible for everything from cleaning the decks to assisting with loading and unloading cargo. The median salary for a deckhand is $41,260 per year. This is a entry-level position that offers plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement.

4. Marine engineer: A marine engineer is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of marine transportation are running smoothly. They design and oversee the construction of ships and planes, as well as manage all the safety protocols involved in marine transportation. The median salary for a marine engineer is $110,040 per year.

5. Ship captain: A ship captain is in charge of a ship and its crew. They are responsible for ensuring that the ship arrives at its destination on time and in proper condition. The median salary for a ship captain is $119,020 per year.


When you think about it, transportation is a pretty important service. Every day, we move billions of people around the world. And the transportation industry is one of the most growth-friendly industries out there. We covered up answers to “is transportation a good career path” and told you the best paying jobs in transportation, the choice to join this career path or not is all yours now. 

Why Information Technology is The Core of Any Business

The transformation of technology has completely changed the way businesses manage and run their operations today. It has enabled business owners to enhance efficiency and productivity. The role of IT (Information Technology) has significantly become more critical than ever. It allows you to run your business matters in a hassle-free manner and to gain a competitive edge. So, it has become essential for companies to stay updated about the latest technology to keep their computer systems and software updated.

IT helps you do the maximum amount of work in minimum time. It not only saves your effort and time but also gives you a wide range of problem-solving resources. Clients also prefer to work with companies that have a well-designed IT system that, thanks to things like an IBM IIB, are reliable and built with efficiency in order to support your business as it grows. Good IT increases your credibility as a company and impacts your business progress positively. Here is a guide that will make you understand why IT is the core of any business.

  1. Better Decision Making

If you want to make sound business decisions, then you require vital market research. You have to review social media platforms and assess public comments to decide what can benefit your business. Getting online survey feedback helps you in better decision-making and helps you accomplish your goals.

Outsourcing IT services is another option that you can consider to improve your decision-making. You have to do proper research in your state or city to find the best company to offer reliable IT services. For example, if you are running a business in Sheffield, UK, you may opt for Synergy-UK to strengthen your IT support system and decision-making process. If you are not confident that you can make the right decisions by capitalizing on IT, outsourcing is the best option according to your budget and needs.

  • Efficient Data Management

All businesses carry essential data that includes employees’ salaries, clients information, HR details, and annual revenue. So, data management and storage are critical for any business, and IT support plays a crucial role. It allows you to keep the backup system for important files and strengthens business security against data breaches. Data management is vital for any business to secure and manage the valuable data of their business operations. It also keeps you safe from possible hacking threats and protects confidential business information. 

Different digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics and Microsoft CRM Dynamics also help companies keep track of progress. IT software enhances your existing strategies and makes you understand what can be fruitful for your business.

  • Resolve Complex Issues

In today’s fast-paced world, all companies encounter different types of challenges. Solving complex issues through IT shows the significance of its presence for all businesses. IT systems and services provide businesses required tools to deal with different challenges. It includes hardware for fast processors, high-quality displays, and high memory storage. Intelligent applications like collaborative systems and mind-mapping software streamline the operations and help companies fix the issue by identifying its cause.

  • Protection from Computer Viruses

Having a sound IT support system in place protects your computer systems from potential viruses and threats. It protects your computer systems and devices from potential threats and viruses. Once you keep your computer systems well-monitored and updated, you can mitigate the risk of getting your digital assets stolen.

Many companies like Capital One and Dropbox have become the victim of ransomware and malware attacks in the past. Therefore, by enhancing IT systems, you can protect your valuable assets and maintain credibility among your target audience.

  • Effective Online Marketing

Information Technology amplifies marketing strategies in the current digital landscape. It helps you inaccurate market research by gathering valuable data. It includes identifying the target audience and their unique demands and needs. You can create effective marketing strategies to market your products and services on different platforms by having such helpful information. 

Different algorithms help to measure customer purchasing behavior and online business transactions. It allows businesses time to spot customers’ buying patterns and to create strategies accordingly. Marketing is one of the integral business functions of IT that helps you form new products and services according to customers’ interests. It also enables you to keep track of production and sales distribution, helping you accomplish your goals.
In addition, technology such as the group email tool from allows businesses to simplify their email marketing campaign, as you simply send an email to your list email address and it will be forwarded automatically to your group; making it quick and easy to communicate with current and potential customers.

  • Good Customer Support

IT helps you in offering improved customer support services through multiple communication channels. It provides end-users more options to reach companies. Different channels connect you with your potential customers, from email to telephone, social media, to live chat.

Offering good customer support helps you boost customer satisfaction that adds real value to your business. Applying the latest technological developments in your customer support systems enables you to effectively address customers’ queries and concerns. Every customer prefers to work with companies that have good communication channels.

  • Complete Monitoring

To run a business successfully, it is essential to monitor the progress and performance of the business’s internal operations. IT can help to execute the refined supervision of core business operations. It helps to improve quality control and logistics by allowing companies to do comprehensive monitoring. A competent IT system helps businesses that offer online services to customers to maintain a check and balance in which direction their business is going.

  • Efficient HR Management and Record-Keeping

Those days are long gone when companies had to keep and manage paper-based documents. Hard copies are far more practical and efficient. IT has enabled companies to manage precious documents and records through high-tech software solutions, such as this local aged care software for those who look after the elderly in their community. It has also made a significant impact on the HR systems of the organizations.

You can manage HR operations now through HRMS (human resource management systems) easily. It contains information related to employees and their performances. All this comes down to a solid IT system because you need one to run such heavy softwares.


Technology is evolving day by day, and that is also impacting IT systems big time. As an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore the significance of IT in the current business landscape. You need to have a highly functional and solid IT system to run your business operations successfully and gain cutting-edge over your competitors. It will help you accomplish your business goals and create results-driven strategies, eventually leading to continuous progress.

All You Have to Know About Business Plan

A business strategy is more important than a text. It acts as a guide that encourages you to plan and reach your purposes. It is an administration device that enables you to examine results, perform necessary decisions, and showcase how your company works and develops. In summary, if you are considering starting a business or prepare to pitch your business to investors, drafting a business plan can increase your success rate.  

 This comprehensive guide shows you how to write a quick business plan and become successful. Remember that you can make a great business plan without a business or accounting degree. This guide shows you step-by-step planning without any of the complexity or difficulty. 

PS: If this doesn’t help you the way you wanted to or you just don’t have time for this then we can also suggest you to try and hire business consultant like Scaling Partners. Business consultants are professionals who are hired by companies to help them improve their performance. These individuals are usually well-educated and have years of experience in specific industries.

Why write a business plan?

You may not know how a business plan can help you with the time and investment? Writing a business plan will assist you in different ways that I will tell you now.

  • Expand your business lasting

Drafting a business plan is about setting a framework for your business. While you are not foretelling tomorrow, you are going through a central plan that helps you grow. This original document should not be accurate, but you can use it to review and set to help you recognize and communicate your goals. 

Externally a business plan as a baseline will be considerably more difficult to follow your process, perform adjustments, and have factual data easily possible to reference when creating difficult arrangements. Making a business plan guarantees that you possess a roadmap that describes where you intend to go and where you have previously been.

·         Pitch and prepare to fund

Investors and credit providers have to recognize that you have a firm knowledge of the trajectory of your company. You have to show an available and sustainable demand for your resolution, that you have a great business plan, and that your company can be financially solid. It involves having the right business statements, projections, and an edible description of your business form ready for possible investors.

Writing your marketing plan helps you place all of those items together and form relationships between them to tell a cohesive story about your company.

·         Get confident strategic choices.

Usually, the best resolutions you will execute for your business are amidst active phases of growth, decay, or even outer crises. It asks you to create important arrangements far faster than you may like. Out up-to-date plan and budget information, these choices may be less imperative than they want to be.

By holding a written marketing plan that you are constantly evaluating, you can get confident conclusions. You will have all the knowledge needed to know when you hire new workers, start a new output line or make a huge purchase.

Tips to make a great business plan 

Here, I want to introduce some rules that will execute the whole business planning method easier. The purpose is to make your business plan done so you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • Put it short

The business plans have to be short. The logic for that is double:

First, you need to read your business plan repeatedly. None of you want to read a 100-page or even 40-page business plan. 

Second, you have to use your business plan as a tool to run and develop your business. Something you proceed to work and refine over time. An extremely long business plan is big trouble to deal with.

  • Identify your audience

Write your plan utilizing language that your readers will know.

For example, if your business is producing a complex logical process, but your proposed investors are not experts, bypass slang or acronyms that will not be easy.

  • Examine your business purpose

Going through your business plan, and beginning with a one-page pitch, can assist you to examine the viability of your marketing plan long before starting. It can be as easy as holding a coach or co-worker review details of your plan or conducting market research and talking straight to your possible customer support.

  • Set intentions and goals

You should consider what you want to get out of your business upfront. Do you want to use a side hustle into a full-time business? Try to develop your team or start an extra location? Understanding what you are trying to achieve, and having problems like these in mind, can help you set your business plan to attain these goals.


As a business manager, what you need the most, is a business plan that you have to make carefully. You might not know how to make it, read the above text, and learn the most important factors about it.

Best Instagram Hacks for your Small Business

Instagram is an excellent opportunity for small businesses and brands to grow and stand out from the crowd. If you’re trying to maximize your Instagram for business, this post is for you. Here you will know about the best Instagram hacks that can help you optimize your Instagram from scratch to promoting your account with paid ads. 

Best Instagram Hacks

Instagram continues as the rising star in the world of social media. With more than 1.6 billion active users, Instagram has become the second most widely used social platform. It has proven itself highly valuable for all businesses. Here are some Instagram hacks you need to follow. 

1# Switch your account to a Business profile

If you want to promote your brand and generate sales, set up an Instagram business account. If you already have, switch it to a professional profile, so you can take extra features that a personal account doesn’t have. 

Once you switch or create your business account, Instagram will prompt you to pick a category for your business. There you will observe hundreds of categories, so make sure to choose the right category that best describes your business. 

With a professional business account, you would list an email, phone number, and address. You can add your business location, helping people to find you physically. 

2# Profile pic

 In a business account, you expect brand awareness, so as a business, your profile pic should be your brand or company logo instead of your face pic. This is the first step you will take for your brand awareness. When the audience sees your brand logo anywhere else, such as on other social platforms, they will be more likely to remember your brand or business. 

3# URL

 Unlike other social platforms, you can have only one clickable URL on Instagram. What will you do? Are you looking to;

  • Connect your brand website with your audience? 
  • Facebook pages?
  • Product pages?
  • YouTube channel? 
  • Or anything else?

What if you will be allowed to connect all your links with your audience? Of course, it would be great to get such a chance. Thanks to the Instagram link in bio tools that comes into play to solve this pain point. 

Many tools are allowing free access to people so they can create personalized landing pages. The tools include: LinkBook, Linktree, Shorby, ContactIn.Bio, Campsite, and many more. Let’s here to take a quick loot at LinkBook. 

LinkBook allows users to create free landing pages to house their affiliate links, blog posts, images, videos, social account links, and more. This bio tool is free to use and provides premium features. These features include;

  • Custom domains for your landing pages
  • Email integrations with Mailchimp
  • LinkBook also has integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
  • It gives an advance link tracking facility
  • In-depth statistics
  • Media embedding
  • UTM parameters

4# Bio

Optimize your bio- provide a brief description of 150 characters in which you have to define yourself, your brand and its aim, your interests, and your hobbies. Avail this opportunity to show off your brand’s personality. If you can add keywords naturally, put them in your bio to make it search engine friendly. 

Don’t forget to include branded hashtags in your bio, and this hashtag is unique to your business. This means by adding it; people can view posts in that hashtag. Make sure to add a call-to-action in your bio, asking the audience to take action. 

5# Post great content your audience will love 

Content is the king, and everything starts with content. Great content will help your brand stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t mean your content needs to be excellent in design, but it must be relevant to your audience’s interest. 

You need to post motivational and engaging content, so the people are ready to purchase your services once they read your content. You can make your content more fantastic by doing a little search to find what the audience is looking for. 

6# Steal Followers

If you want to create brand awareness, you need to steal your competitor’s followers. It does not mean that you have to contact its followers; you can steal them through your content and product quality. 

Stealing competitors’ followers is very easy because you don’t need to understand their interests because they already follow similar accounts. You should also adopt the follow-back strategy. 

Start following other users, but make sure they’re interested in your brand. This way, you can quickly get many followers. 

7# Run contest 

Contests are an excellent way of engaging the audience. A successful contest can result in thousands of new followers. There are many types of contests on Instagram. However, the entry price in your contest should be tagging a friend, following you, commenting, or liking your post so your account can be exposed to a broader audience. 

10 Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real estate marketing has become more effortless over time; however, reaching potential customers remains an uphill battle. Real estate businesses require professional assistance to approach their target audience through the highly complex field of digital marketing.

10 Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Here are the most authentic hacks for real estate marketing that will skyrocket your sales by helping you attract the right customer base. 

  1. Reach out to Social Media Influencers and Run Paid Promotions

If your budget is small, this is an excellent way to market your business on social media platforms. Search for the right influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to collaborate and sell your services.

Instagram is a helpful imaging platform, where real estate businesses can increase their reach through organic or paid promotion. 

2. Create An Intriguing Website

A crucial step to ace the digital marketing game is to create a web presence. A professionally designed website will serve as a web store and an interactive platform between your company and potential clients. If you are a real estate business owner looking to expand your customer pool, then creating an intriguing website should be on your priority list. There are several advantages to having a unique digital portal for your real estate or even room scheduling business in the current digital era.  

With a user-friendly interface, your website will accelerate your real estate business’s growth at a more excellent pace than before. You can also implement SEO for your website to boost its search engine ranking and add a chatbot to improve customer service. Similarly, tracking the visitors who view your real estate business can help you better understand their needs and provide them instant customer support. Thus, it is highly effective for real estate marketing, enabling a realtor to improve business development strategies and elaborate services comprehensively. 

3. Make Use of Automated Email Marketing Campaigns 

The importance of Email marketing is growing day-by-day as people are becoming savvier to the technologies of the current era. Customers prefer responding to emails because they trust email as a reliable source for contacting a company and staying up-to-date. Furthermore, it is observed that email marketing is a more useful tool than social media in some cases. Although social media is excellent in its way of engaging with the audience, email has the potential to convert leads into customers more quickly. You can easily send tailored emails to every customer, which can give them a personalized feel.

According to various researches, emails containing the recipient’s name and customized packages are more likely to be opened. And they consequently increase chances to engage in a conversation with potential customers. Email marketing is also appropriate for real estate business as it is feasible to evaluate its campaigns using multiple software.

4. Focus on Consistent Blogging

Most of us seem to forget how to unlock a more significant number of sales by ignoring the creation and publishing of quality web content.

Starting a creative blog is an excellent way to strengthen your web presence. You can start with an SEO optimized blog so that your posts show up on the search engine every time a relevant keyword is searched on the web.

It is a known fact that businesses that win the consumers’ trust sustain themselves for a much more extended period in their respective industries. Therefore, websites that offer reliable content and information to their visitors create a sense of trust. Hence, your content must clear all the doubts of a visitor about the specific product or service. Once the readers find your content interesting enough, they will share it on other social media platforms that could significantly boost your traffic.

5. Use Google Analytics to Market Your Content

To make your marketing strategy successful, you must use a useful analytics tool to evaluate the metrics. Google Analytics is a popular and valuable tool to track the metrics and use the information to improve traffic.

Besides, content marketing is an excellent way to attract customers to your blog and website. With Google Analytics’ help, you can determine the right external links, keywords, and popular sites for guest blogging to draw traffic. 

6. Use Pinterest Boards and Create a Newsletter 

Pinterest is an ideal platform to display images and information relevant to a real estate business. Use Pinterest boards to upload, highlight, or pin photos of your properties to reach your target audience. 

Furthermore, you can utilize newsletter campaigns, a conventional yet one of the most efficient ways to build strong customer relationships. This way, you can send your clients information regarding available properties, sales, and offers to keep them hooked. 

7. Hire a Professional Photographer

Good photography is the key to effective digital marketing. Poor photos of the available properties will not entice customers. A professional photographer will use the right equipment and editing skills to enhance your real estate sites’ appearance on the internet. It will draw more prospective customers towards your business. 

8. Host a Webinar

Most of the time, potential buyers face difficulty in understanding real estate marketing. To assist your customers, collaborate with local businesses or event planners to co-host webinars and seminars on topics that interest your clients.

9. Be Present On All Social Media Channels

A significant amount of the population uses various social media apps and platforms regularly. Either for entertainment purposes or for growing their businesses, social media is a robust platform for everyone. A real estate business can benefit significantly by being present on various, if not all the social media channels. It boosts your chances of gaining the target audience’s attention and achieving word of mouth via social media.

10. Engaging Marketing Campaigns

A vital aspect of carrying out a marketing campaign is to ensure that it is engaging and responsive. People who are looking to purchase or rent properties desire quick and immediate responses to their queries. Furthermore, if your campaigns are not attractive, chances are the potential buyer may switch to a competitor. It is crucial to be responsive and engaging with customers regularly.

By the way, “Remember to include reviews you have from platforms such as TrustPilot as a means of boosting your social proof,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of auction house sales company Property Solvers


As a professional real estate business owner, you need to think about every possible marketing aspect. For creative thinking, brainstorm, and develop the best idea that could lead your business to success.

Real Estate marketing is different from conventional business marketing. It is vital to draft the real estate’s digital marketing strategies with great precision to get to the right clients in a short period. With the methods mentioned above, real estate businesses can maximize their marketing plans to boost sales and make themselves known within the industry.

Useful tips to making money on Tumblr (as a blogger)

No feeling is more pleasant than enjoying hobbies and feeling at home, and to a blogger, no other social media is more pleasing and home-like as Tumblr. But, bloggers! Ever thought that you can make money on Tumblr through likes and also feeling at home? Yes, it is quite possible, and here is how.

How to make money on Tumblr?

Nowadays, people are increasingly exploring unique ways to invest and make money, and one such avenue is through platforms like Tumblr. If you want to make money on Tumblr, you should get more fans and increase the profile visits first. Then make money using affiliate programs or sponsored posts. Here is the detailed instruction on how you can make money on Tumblr.

1. Consider affiliate programs for making money on Tumblr

Affiliate programs are one of the most influential and profitable ways to make money on Tumblr. There are no costs to put those affiliate links in blogs and wait for people to click on them. The only thing needed to do is to create a high-quality blog (related to the service or product the link is trying to sell). Your blog must be engaging and easy to read, and it should as well provide valuable information to the reader.

For example, if you write on educational topics and offer helpful tips to students in your blog, it makes sense to put affiliate links to services and products that are of value to students. These can be links to memorization and time management apps, tutors’ profiles, career advice platforms, writing services from different countries, like Canada, etc. The latter would fit perfectly in articles that offer essay writing tips, and links to tutor’s profiles would look natural in articles that explain a particular topic in a certain discipline (e.g., article on history that talks about reasons for Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo).


Always remember that the value a blog adds to the readers is the main reason they will click on those affiliate links. Readers are aware and smart and can distinguish between an excellent blog and a spam one (that is stuffed with links to this and that company’s website).

2. Build your target audience

First, let’s distinguish between the viewers and the audience of blogs:

“Viewers” are those who view the content and may or may not click on the links provided in the text. They come to the Tumblr profile accidentally, maybe through search and other means. Only 10 percent of the viewers will finally turn into the “audience.”

On the other hand, and as indicated above, the audience is the people who interact with the content, follow the feed and wait for your blogs to be published. They are the most likely users on Tumblr that will click on your targeted links.

To turn viewers to the audience in order to be able to make money on Tumblr, define the target audience. Answer these questions:

  • What do the affiliate links in your blog provide the audience with? What are the services and products they try to sell?
  • Who is the target audience of the blogs that need these services and products?
  • How will the services and products help the audience and give them the added value?
  • How can the content and blogs help people know more about services and products? What are some strategies for convincing them to purchase?
You need to monitor your viewers and turn them into your target audience

3. Use ads on your page

Using advertisements, especially Google AdSense is the most common way to make money on Tumblr. Let the page include some ads from affiliate companies, and they will pay per click.

Note: Most of the companies prefer to work with a blogger who has their own domain name. So try to register a personal domain name to seem more authentic to affiliate companies.

4. Mind the looks

The looks of your Tumblr profile is the personality of your career. Use Tumblr themes to create a professional look for the page. A page that looks prestigious will persuade more viewers to become your audience and read your blogs and convince more companies to work with you.

Try to visit other professional Tumblr profiles and get inspired. They will have tips you will come across in no other places. Also, try to know the psychology of colors so that you will choose a theme that fits the personality of the target audience to impact them more easily.

Different Tumblr themes

5. Upload pictures

This is a great way to readily make money on Tumblr. Upload some photos to your Tumblr profile and link it to another source that will pay per click. Images are fun and easy to comprehend. So try to choose a picture that visually impacts the behaviors of the audience and convinces them to click. Remember the pictures should be in line with the general theme and subject of your profile. An unrelated and improper image will result in a loss of followers and partnering companies.

6. Upload files

Some servers will pay ready money if you upload useful files to them. If you have helpful files, then try to turn them into cash. These files will later get downloaded by ordinary people, and for each download, you will be paid again. Just put the link to those files in your Tumblr, and you start to make money!

In the end, you can see the summary of making money on Tumblr on an infographic.


These are only a few tips for making money on Tumblr. Always remember that there are infinite ways to promote and monetize a Tumblr page, and this is possible to turn it to an unlimited source of income. Hands-on the keyboard and create!

Instagram DM Marketing for small businesses

Instagram DM, also known as the Instagram Direct Message, is a free feature that lets the users message each other on Instagram. Texts, images, links, videos, stories, and posts can be sent through a DM.

Instagram Direct Messages are one of the most underestimated tools when it comes to social media marketing. If businesses find out about the potentials of the Instagram DM, they will start re-planning their social media marketing strategy, giving a special space to DM marketing on Instagram.

The fact is that having a small business is a two-folded reality. While you don’t have a large business’s troubles and headaches, there is much to do to survive the ever-tightening competition in small businesses’ trail – save the desire to grow into a large corporation. One of the vitals to a small business’s survival is, no doubt, having a consistent marketing strategy.

That said, this blog post is dedicated to Instagram Direct Messages and Instagram DM marketing

let’s take a look at some Instagram statistics regarding brands and businesses.

As revealed by, brands and companies are having a large portion of Instagram attention for themselves. Keeping these numbers in mind, let’s see what a small business can do to benefit from this situation.

What is DM?

Instagram DM, also known as the Instagram Direct Message, is a free feature that lets the users message each other on Instagram. Texts, images, links, videos, stories, and posts can be sent through a DM. Instagram Direct message is both a private and group chat feature. Facebook has developed a free stand-alone app for it, called Threads from Instagram, in which only circles of close friends can get in touch.

You can access the Instagram direct messages on the top right corner of Instagram home:

How to use Instagram DM for small businesses?

Instagram DMs make up to 56% of the sales on Instagram. Therefore, having a consistent plan for DM strategy on Instagram brings about more sales and profit for small businesses and brands.

While the Instagram DM mechanism seems quite simple, most people don’t know how to use it for brand and product promotion goals. So, here are the most effective ways to apply DM marketing on Instagram:

  1. Use Instagram DM to welcome new followers

Welcoming new followers will nurture the relationship between the brand and the audience. When greeted warmly, new followers know that you care, and it leads to more loyalty on the side of the audience.

  1. Promote new products and updates through Instagram direct messages

DM is a great tool when it comes to product and update announcements. In a message, tell your customers what is new and what is to come. People love to hear on updates because this gives them a feeling that they are interacting with a live and dynamic business.

  1. Offer your Instagram followers great discounts in DMs

Exclusively crafted DMs for offering discounts lead to incredible amounts of conversion both in sales and Instagram performance.

  1. Hold contests and contact the winner through Instagram DM

Starting a competition and announcing it through DMs, and also following up the winners with direct messages give the feeling of exclusivity and specialty to a brand’s followers. Use the Instagram DM free tool to its fullest and hack your sales growth.

There are also four trust factors to consider before making up any messages for marketing purposes on Instagram (and any other social media):

  1. Accuracy

About 99% of customers pay attention to the accuracy of advertisements before trusting a brand; accuracy in terms of product explanations, related statistics, prices, quality, etc. If you are going to mislead your audience, then wait for losing them, because they will compare the information provided by you with other sources. So talk about both the positive and negative aspects of your product in the direct message.

  1. Exclusivity

Make your customers feel special. Send them Instagram DM’s that seem as if crafted only for them. Know their needs and tastes, and divide them into different categories. Then crafting an exclusive direct message will be more comfortable. About 77% of people also consider exclusive ads when it comes to trusting a business.

  1. Transparency

It is fascinating that 97% of people also care about the mission of your business. Inform them in Instagram DM what your product does, which problems it aims and how it’s going to solve them.

  1. Choice

Offering different choices to your customers makes up another important factor based on which people choose to trust you. Having a variety of relevant and exclusive choices is important to 95% of the customers.

Add these trust elements to your previous mindset on Instagram DM marketing and start selling;)

Are there any tools for Instagram DM marketing?

Well, as a business page owner on Instagram, you know how frustrating it is to keep up with the growing number of your audience and followers and build a customer-care oriented relationship with them. You need to send Instagram direct messages to:

  • Welcome new followers;
  • Promote new products;
  • Announce discounts;
  • Shout-out new updates on the brand;
  • Hold contests and connect with the winners; and
  • Reach out to reply to received messages from your audience.

How much time and energy will it take from you to, for instance, welcome at least 200 new followers a day, manually? Or wouldn’t it be frustrating to let know all of your followers, one by one, about a new product, or a recent update, or a discount, or whatever?

Honestly, just thinking about it drove me insane, were I about to market my brand on Instagram.

There are few web-based platforms out there that let you do the DM Marketing on Instagram right from the comfort of your PC desktop. A few of these tools are in line with Instagram’s terms of services and guidelines and the rest are literally spotted as spam by Instagram.

These platforms are called “Auto DM Bot” or simply “Instagram Auto DM.” But what are these tools and why are more businesses using them?

What advantages does the Instagram Auto DM tool bring to businesses? It automates all the processes mentioned above to save your time and energy and boosts your Instagram performance efficiency.

So what is a DM bot? a DM bot or Instagram Auto DM is a service that automates the process of your DM marketing. Using a DM bot, you can:

  • DM people from a PC desktop.
  • Draft messages.
  • Choose users to group-send messages.
  • Customize lists and messages.
  • Attach images, links, and hashtags to your messages.
  • Apply custom filters to DMs.

You can use the Virtual User Instagram Bulk Message Sender Bot for sending direct messages on Instagram. you only need to provide the Bot with the text of the message and the list of target audience’s IDs so that the Bot sends your message to all these IDs one by one automatically. 

Don’t worry about collecting prepare your target audience’s IDs, because this Bot can extract the people’s IDs from the different atmospheres (followers, the target audience’s followings, people who have liked posts and left comments on your target post, and also your intended hashtag) and deliver to you in an Excel file. 

  • Ability to send various messages to each person
  • Ability to forward various posts to each person
  • Ability to extract IDs (extract followers, followings, people who enter like and leave comments on the posts and extract people who have sent you messages before)
  • Ability to use multiple accounts
  • Ability to change account automatically
  • Ability to set the bot for a long time 
  • Permanent and no need to pay for sending each direct message
  • No need to charge the bot monthly 

Also, for more information about Advertising & Marketing on Instagram refer to the Virtual User website. 

What are Instagram DM limits?

An Instagram Direct Message text can be no more than 1000 characters. Also, users might get action blocked if they send more than what is allowed on DM for 24 hours. Although there is no approved source of information to say what the limits are, most of the time, people are allowed to send between 50 to 100 Instagram DMs during a day. However, it doesn’t mean that if an Instagram user sends, say, about 30 messages in a day, Instagram won’t hunt them down.

The fact is that Instagram has different parameters and criteria to set the Direct Message limits for every single user (which they have never revealed in a formal mode of publicity). These might include:

  • User’s amount of activity on Instagram,
  • The profile’s age, and
  • The number of user’s connections on Instagram.

What might get you DM action blocked?

  • Sending the same set of messages over and over to the same or different Instagramers;
  • Exceeding the hourly limit of message numbers (which differs from user to user); and
  • Getting reported as a result of sending messages to non-followers.

To Wrap Up

As most of the brands and businesses under-use Instagram DM for their promotion, small businesses have a great chance to advance their sales through DMs. Take your time and plan a comprehensive strategy with the help of Auto DM tools.

Amazon business user account for B2B sales (features and benefits)

After Amazon successfully launched its B2C program in 2015, it decided to expand its functionality in 2016 to a B2B one, enabling Amazon business user accounts. This account lets businesses to buy directly from each other, gives them the possibility to determine their payment methods, provides them with reporting tools, and enable a lot of other accessibilities for businesses.

Amazon Business provides business owners with a variety of features

Who can create an Amazon business account?

All businesses that have a physical location inside the USA and its territories are eligible to join the program. Besides, Amazon business has some limitations that accounts and businesses must observe:

to sell on Amazon

to join the Amazon business seller program

order defect rate

1% or less 5% or less

pre-shipment cancellation rate

2.5% or less

Less than 1%

late shipment rate

4% or less

Less than 2%



Benefits of having an Amazon Business account

Businesses can benefit from amazon business programs and account in a variety of ways. Those advantages for businesses include:

  • Exclusive SKUs for businesses:

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are numbers dedicated to each item in the inventory by the retailers and helps to identify their prices, manufacturers, and inventory.  Business accounts on Amazon provide you with exclusive SKUs.

  • Tax-free programs:

Sellers on Amazon can join the tax exemption program if their purchases are qualified by the program.

  • Business pricing:

Sellers and customers on the Amazon business seller program can benefit from the features of the business pricing. This program provides users with attractive and competitive prices across the platform and offers discounts to businesses, without considering the quantity they purchase.

  • High volume purchase discount:

Amazon’s business program also gives businesses the possibility to buy a higher volume of goods at lower prices. This is a discount applied to high quantity purchases.

  • Seller credentials:

Sellers on the program can also add their credentials to their business accounts. These credentials can include ISO marks, the gender of the user, their niche, location, the size of the business, etc. This helps users and businesses find the business account, more efficiently on Amazon.

How can businesses join the seller program on amazon?

Businesses can go to the Amazon Business page and create an account there. If you are already a user of Amazon, you can either enter your previously registered email to change your current Amazon seller account to an amazon business seller one or register with a new email to keep your seller account separated from your business account. Then proceed to fill in the form on the next page.

Amazon business seller program fees

There is a monthly fee for those joining the program. By this payment, a bunch of features will be available to the seller in the business-to-business program of Amazon.

To wrap up

Amazon business seller program is absolutely a step towards a new generation of online retailing, enabling businesses with tools and opportunities to optimize their online shopping selling activities more than ever. Amazon is expected to lunch more and more programs and updates to create a richer user experience throughout the platform.

Schedule Instagram posts & stories (with a calendar)

Once your Instagram account is ready, follow the bellow instruction to schedule posts or stories (or both at the same time) on a single or multiple accounts.

If you are managing one or multiple business accounts (or even personal accounts), having an Instagram scheduler is a must for you to keep the presence on Instagram and attract more users and followers. Though, while choosing Instagram schedulers, there are essential factors you should keep in mind like speed, the number of users you can add, and other services attached to it.

In today’s world of technology, promoting an Instagram account shouldn’t take that long! If you aim to grow your Instagram account, having a fast Instagram scheduler would help you to plan and publish the posts in advance.

Table of content

Personal Vs. Business & creator accounts on Instagram

Can I schedule an Instagram personal account?

How to archive Instagram photos?

How to access the Instagram archive?

How to schedule posts on Instagram business profile?

How to schedule Instagram posts for personal accounts?

How to schedule Instagram stories?

Instagram Scheduler is a must-to-have tool for every business!

You might never have thought how necessary is a scheduler for you on Instagram. Indeed, engagement and activities on social media are determining the business growth on these social networks. Instagram scheduler guarantees the presence by posting great content regularly.

There are some main advantages to have an Instagram scheduler:

  1. It Keeps your consistency on Instagram
  2. You would have a preview of Instagram feed before publishing
  3. Create once and post to multiple accounts or social media

It is not only about posting automatically to the Instagram profile, but it is all about displaying the right content at the right time and to the right audiences (managing the Instagram hashtags).

Main factors in choosing Instagram scheduler

  1. Speed: keep in mind that you are scheduling software to save your time. So, the speed of the app would be essential while you are going to plan the number of posts of multiple accounts at the same time.
  2. User-friendly: sometimes, social media management tools become so complicated, and this makes it time-consuming and confusing. An Instagram scheduler should be very simple and easy to work with.
  3. Connected tools: besides having a scheduler, there are some other tools that you need like trending hashtags, hashtag generators, tools to search content. You might never think how necessary it is to have different tools besides a scheduler to help you in creating content. Imagine you are running an auto company, and now you are going to schedule posts for the coming weeks or months. You do have the picture; you know what you would like to write about.

Personal Vs. Business & creator accounts on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram or haven’t had any business or creator accounts before, you might wonder how different these are. the main difference between Instagram accounts are:

  • Posts cannot be private in creator and business accounts
  • The category is shown in bio in business and creators accounts
  • Insight section is slightly different

InoSocial is a new brand Instagram scheduler you can use online and cover all must-to-have items of an Instagram scheduler.  It is designed considering all required options you need to have the best experience of Instagram scheduling. Not only can you schedule Instagram posts, but you can also make the best posts, find content.

You no need to install any apps or software on your computer. You can still schedule Instagram posts from PC online.

Can I schedule an Instagram personal account?

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule Instagram posts but you can set the reminder for the drafted posts through InoSocial software. It means you can make your Instagram posts as drafts and set a reminder to get notified on when to publish them on Instagram.

It might be because users who have personal accounts might not have any problems putting their time on posting. They often don’t post regularly, and it seems logical why Instagram doesn’t allow scheduling for these kinds of accounts.

On the other hand, if you want to use Instagram marketing tools, you must have kept all posts public. If you have other posts in your accounts and you are about to switch to a business or creator account, you better archive your posts.

In this case, you are the only one who can see archived posts on Instagram.

How to archive Instagram photos?

  • Go to the Instagram app
  • Tap on the profile picture to go to profile
  • Tap on the posts you are going to archive
  • Tap on the three-dot icon on the top right of the post
  • Choose archive

How to access the Instagram archive?

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to profile
  • Tap on the three-line icon on top right
  • Tap on archive
  • From the above menu choose archive>posts
  • Archived posts will be displayed

How to schedule posts on Instagram business profile?

To schedule Instagram posts, you must switch your personal accounts to a business or creator one first. If you haven’t done yet, I here give you the instruction:

How to create an Instagram business account?

The Instagram business account is free and easy to create, in which you can get additional services like Instagram analytics (Instagram insight). To switch a personal account to a business one:

  • Open your Instagram app on your mobile phone
  • Create an Instagram account (if you haven’t got any)
  • Log in and Go to your profile
  • Tap on the three-line icon (hamburger icon) on top right
  • Tap on setting>accounts
  • At the bottom of the page you would have two option (if your account is personal)
  • You should connect to a Facebook page* and follow the instruction given by Instagram
  • Switch to a business account

*If you haven’t got any Facebook page you can use the instruction below:

To create a Facebook page:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter info & a valid email you have access to
  3. Accept the rules and confirm the email
  4. Once you logged in, click on “Create Page” on the top right*
  5. Select Business or Public Figure
  6. Enter the Name and Category
  7. Skip the profile picture and cover

Once your business account is ready and it is connected to a Facebook page, follow the bellow instruction to schedule posts on multiple or a single accounts.

To schedule posts on Instagram:

  1. Go to InoSocial
  2. Enter the email address and go to InoSocial dashboard
  3. Click on the Services>add services
  4. Click on the Instagram icon
  5. Click “Instagram Direct Posting (Business Profiles)”
  6. Add your Instagram account (login via Facebook if it’s necessary)
  7. From the dashboard click on COMPOSE
  8. Select the accounts from the menu
  9. Create content
  10. Click on the calendar icon and set the date and time


Here are photos of the dashboard. It’s quite easy and straightforward and with a few clicks, you can schedule multiple posts to the numerous Instagram accounts.

Not only can you schedule your posts, but you can also schedule stories, carousel posts, and access to analytics and monitoring.

How to schedule Instagram posts for personal accounts?

The first thing you should know is that Instagram doesn’t allow you to schedule Instagram personal accounts, but instead, you can set a reminder in all the social media management tools.

Therefore, if you need a scheduler, not a reminder, it is better to switch your accounts to a business or creator one. However, you should forget that if you switch to a business or creator accounts, your profile posts will be public, and you no longer able to make them private.

That would be the main change from switching personal or business accounts.

You can prepare the posts from your desktop (PC) and set a reminder to get the notification on your mobile phone. Then, go to the social dashboard and publish the drafted posts right from there.

To schedule Instagram posts and stories for a personal account:

  • Login to InoSocial dashboard
  • From the menu select add services
  • Add services to Instagram reminder
  • From the panel, select compose on top right
  • Select services and write the captions
  • Click on the calendar icon and select the date and time
  • Click on Schule!


How to schedule Instagram stories?

The good news is that not you can schedule Instagram stories, but also you can schedule Instagram stories and posts at the same time with Instagram.

To schedule Instagram stories:

  • Login to InoSocial dashboard
  • Click on Add Service from the menu
  • Click on Add instgaram>instgaram stories
  • Compose and select services (both schedule Instagram posts, and Instagram stories which you have added separately).
  • Write any captions you want
  • Click on the calendar icon and select any dates

With InoSocial tools, you can schedule posts to your personal Instagram account. When posting to Instagram via the dashboard, you will receive a push notification or email for manual posting from your device at the appropriate time.

How to make an Instagram content calendar?

The Instagram content calendar is a tool to show scheduled, drafted, published Instagram posts on a timeline to get a better view of how consistent Instagram posts are. An Instagram content calendar helps users to get a preview of scheduled posts before publishing and check from aesthetic, content and accordance with other posts points of view.

But how to make an Instagram calendar?

It is quite easy! Once you schedule your posts through InoSocial you can get a preview of all types of posts on a calendar from the social dashboard.

Social media calendar provides you with the day, week, or month-basis preview.

What are the differences between B2B and B2C marketing?

Knowing the differences between B2B and B2C is very important in your marketing strategy since each of these marketing methods suits a certain business based on your target audience.

Knowing the differences between B2B and B2C is very important in your marketing strategy since each of these marketing methods suits a certain business based on your target audience.

It is a well-known fact that both B2B and B2C are forms of marketing, and they have a lot of similarities, but meanwhile, they are different in many ways as well. There are people, however, who still don’t differentiate the two and end up using less-productive techniques in their businesses. Of course, the primary purpose of these marketing methods is to reach various target group. The distinctive feature, though, is the route that each one of them takes to achieve the objectives.

The main aim of these marketing methods are to reach audiences and sell services, products, etc. but the way B2B and B2C use to get what they want is surely different. Before getting to know the differences between these two marketing ways, we would go on with brief definitions of what B2B and B2C actually are.

What are B2C and B2C marketing?

As it can somehow be derived from the word itself, B2C, which stands for business to consumer, is the marketing of a business to consumers which are individuals and folks (people like us). These kinds of businesses sell directly to consumers.

Some businesses aim to sell products or offer their services to professional buyers rather than individuals and people who need them. They sell directly to businesses. This type of marketing is considered as B2B, which stands for business to business marketing methods. B2B marketing needs more logic, decision-makers, formalities, and differs from B2C in some ways that we are going to know more about it below. Because of the complications involved, it’s usually recommended that you employ the services of B2B marketing agencies. This way, you’ll be able to reach your target audience without having to eat up a huge part of your budget.

What are the main differences between B2C and B2B marketing?

The fact that both of them are methods of marketing shows that they’re similar in a way. However, that’s not to say they don’t share a set of differences. You might think that since both of the methods involve a person trying to buy something for their personal use or for their business, then the marketing is done to person. Well, that could be the case, but it’s not entirely so.

It is true that when you try to market a business, you are getting a person or decision-maker to buy its stuff, whether for their business or personal use, but there are some major differences between business to business and business to consumer marketing.

Imagine you offer an analytic and monitoring software for social media. If you are marketing it to a business, you must show that specific business that your software can save them a lot of energy and time and as a result, they’d have more money in their pockets, and that’s what they want from using the software. In other words, you’d have to prove that the benefits of your product surpass it’s initial and any other subsequent expenses.

On the other hand, if you aim to market your software to consumers, you need to show them how your software can make their daily tasks and life easier, you have to clarify its options and facilities in detail, so they’ll be convinced into using your software for their social media accounts to manage them easier. Basically, you’re required to show the buyer that they’ll enjoy the value for their money by adding something new to their life.

Some of the differences between B2B and B2C marketing are listed below:

  1. Who you are targeting (your audience)

As you know by now, the target audience in these two methods of marketing is different. In B2C, the audience of your business are people who aim to buy your product for their own use and to benefit from it in their everyday lives. On the other hand, in B2B, the audience of your business is another business that looks to use your product to improve its operations and serve its clients better.

  1. The language and tone you use

After determining who your target audience is and which kind of marketing you want to go with, the second thing to consider is the language you have to use throughout the procedure of marketing your business, service, or product.

It is obvious that the language you should use in B2B is way more professional and consists of much industry jargon and is mostly focused on the overall usage and benefits of the whole brand rather than the product or service itself.

But when it comes to B2C, you should be more specific in introducing the product to its consumers, so you must use a language that is simple to be understood by your consumers.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is to know which tone to use in each of the methods. In B2B, the tone must be more professional and formal, for sure. Since your audiences are very knowledgeable and are the expecting individuals of another business. However, in B2C you can keep your tone less formal. In fact, it is better to be a bit humorous and informal so that you get people’s attention. Regular consumers are mostly attracted by entertaining content – videos and pictures – rather than more technical language. Therefore, be sure to balance the two if you’re running a B2C marketing campaign.

  1. The goal you are seeking

As previously said, the main goal of marketing, either B2B or B2C, is to get your desired group of people or a business to buy the things you are producing or to use the service you are offering. But there is another difference in the purpose you hold on your kind of marketing.

B2B marketing is more concerned with building relationships and proving a product’s return on investment for a business consumer. In B2B it is very important to build and maintain a relationship between your business and the target business which is interested in working with you because that can later lead to long-time business cooperation between your companies.

Meanwhile, the main goal of B2C is to drive sales to your business and get more people to your website for more traffic and attention.

  1. The time you have to spend

The time you put for marketing with B2C is much less than the time you have to spend marketing to another business, and that’s because in marketing to a business, you have to put a lot of time and effort introducing your product or service in details, to the target business so that they’ll decide to keep this long-time purchase.

Another reason why the B2B marketing process needs more time is that it is a contract based procedure that would take months or even years to complete. You can sign a purchase contract in B2C as well, but the timeframe is much shorter.

  1. The decision-making process

Now we have reached one of the most important differences between these two types of marketing. It is an undeniable fact that “emotions” play a big role in deciding whether to buy a thing or not, but this more affects individual consumers. So businesses must put emotions aside and make rational and logical decisions.

You need to be very specific in introducing your product or service to the business consumer since they need to convince a lot more stakeholders to make a final decision of purchasing from you. So in B2B, you need to have a lot of strong data and carry on logically. You need to keep having communications with your consumer business so that both sides would reach a result of how this can benefit them.

On the other hand, when you market using B2C, you should target a consumer’s heart, since nowadays most of the decisions we make to buy things are made with our hearts rather than minds. A consumer would decide to buy the product you offer emotionally, just because they need it or they have heard a good review or watched a great ad of it.

  1. The decision-makers

On the B2C method, usually an individual himself would make the decision of buying a thing, and no other people are involved in this. This purchase decision is made by the influence of family and friends, reading some reviews, hearing good things about a specific product, or watching an impressive advertisement. But unlike B2C, B2B is way more complicated, and more than one person and department are engaged with the decision of buying a product or service.

The purchase needs to be approved by some people like Procurement, accounting, and department heads, and not only one person is responsible for making the decision. The decision should be later reviewed by different stakeholders and checked by multiple decision-makers.

  1. The marketing platforms

Now, it is time to make more people notice you and your business and hear your voice. You should consider a platform you can reach more people to drive more sales. It could be either more traditional platforms like TV, newspaper, magazines, and radio, or a bit more modern channels like social media to market your business.

First, you need to know which social media would work the best for you and best suit your business and has more of your relevant audience. Your priorities should be platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, which are used by more people and are among the most popular social media these days. But you might not want to have activity on all of them, and you want to make a more specific choice.

What is the best social media platform for B2B?

If you use B2C, as your marketing method, you need to know your audience can be found anywhere, because every social media is full of different people with different tastes and you can find your consumers almost on all platforms. But for some certain industries, some platforms work the best. For example, if your company is somehow related to photography, videos, graphics and all that, Instagram and Pinterest are your best choices since they are focused on these kinds of things and high-quality pictures and videos.

For B2B, you can also keep marketing your content on all social media sites, but keep in mind that if you want to have more chance, you should pay attention to LinkedIn the most, since it is a business-focused social media channel and more relevant people can be found there who might be willing to purchase from you in the future.

Now that you know almost everything about what Business to business and business to consumer marketing are and what are their most important differences, you are on your way to market your business more successfully choosing the method that suits your industry the best. Just remember to carefully choose your target audience because that’s what is going to determine your marketing method.

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