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What is the best Instagram story viewer?

by Dyka Smith
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One of Instagram’s most popular features is sharing photos and videos as stories for 24 hours, and the story submitter is able to view a list of all those who have seen his or her stories.

But sometimes, for various reasons, we do not want the person in question to notice us wandering in his stories, so even though Instagram itself does not provide us with such a feature, there are tricks that can be Using them made it easy.

Method one: Save the Instagram story

This method is only possible for Android users. First, install the Instagram Story Viewer app and log in to your Instagram account. Then enter the full name (ID) of the user whose story you want to see and search, and after finding that user, you have two options:

1. Save: Allows you to save the story as a video and view it.

2. Share: This option, while saving the story as a video, allows you to share it with others through apps like WhatsApp and..

Method 2: Chrome IG Plugin

Download the IG Story Viewer plugin for Chrome Browser (available for desktop only).

After installation and activation, you will see an eye mark next to the stories on the Instagram site, which allows you to view the stories anonymously.

This plugin has gained a lot of popularity, but due to not following the rules of Instagram, the removal order may be sent by Instagram to the creator of this plugin. So do not be surprised if this plugin is removed from your browser.

Method 3: Online tools

There are many sites for secretly viewing Instagram stories and other services related to Instagram, the most popular of which include the following sites.

1. Storiesig: Go to storiesig.com, enter the username of the person, if the person has a story, you will be able to view or download the story. This site is one of the most famous online tools in this field.

2. Story Insta: Go to storyinsta.com, enter the desired username, if the account has a story, you can download it.

3. Story Downloader: A great tool for viewing Instagram Story Downloader is Instagram Story Downloader, which is completely free and works on all devices.

Method 4: Watch it anonymously!

Find the story you want and open the story next to it, which will allow you to see the story anonymously!

While in the previous or next story, gently drag the page to the right / left, but do not drop the page and stay in the same story. By doing this, you can see part of the story of the person in question.

Method 5: Disconnect the Internet

Open Instagram and let the stories load or go to the person’s page. Disconnect your internet or WiFi and open the story. This is the simplest and oldest way to view a story secretly.

Note: This method may no longer work due to Instagram updates, so test it before using this method.

Method 6: See the story and block!

The last way (the best way) to see Instagram stories without understanding the person in question is to see the stories and block them. If you want to see a person’s story anonymously, you can view their story and immediately block them until their story expires! If you want to see the story of your friends or acquaintances secretly this way and you do not want to block them, you can create a new account or do it with another account.

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