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All Points of Blur iPhone Photo

There are many blur effects in iOS apps that get their titles from the kinds of blurs expert photographers work them for their photos. For instance, you can use Gaussian blur and an Outer Blur  Vignette to depart your case from the background and so produce a photo with a great atmosphere. Also, you can use Radial and Motion blur and emphasize the sense of motion and rate on a picture, but you need to be careful about the photo looks when you apply. But there is another solution for this problem called Wondershare PixStudio you can use it on your laptop or PC.

Continue reading and learn more about blur photo iPhone and find some of the best apps to support you in this way.

Top Apps to attach artistic blur effects on iPhone photos

iPhone photographers who like to produce wonderful pictures will need a lot of pleasure working with artistic blur effects produced by these iOS apps. 

  • After Focus

Adaptability: iOS 8.0 or later

After focus is a smart and easy-to-use app and the best choice for attaching artistic blur effects to images taken with an iPhone. As you might understand from the app’s name, it gives almost all the blur effects you need. It helps you produce photos if you use a DSLR camera.

  • Tadaa SLR

Adaptability: iOS 8.0 or later

 The Tadaa SLR app allows its users to increase the intensity of field in photos they have previously exerted and permits them to adjust the focal position of their images. Also, as a user, you can use this app to make shots use both front and back cameras. Using blur effects with the Tadaa SLR app is a quick method that will enable you to enjoy a lot while you search for the best artistic answers for your photos.

  • Enlight

AdaptabilityiOS 8.1 or later

If you need an app with expert blur effects, the Enlight app will satisfy every need you could have. Radial, linear, or mirror and tilt-shift characteristics allow the users to blur image frameworks and produce dramatic effects to influence their friends and fans on social media. 

More than powerful blur effects, Enlight gives every photo editing tool you need for expert photo editing. You can turn your photos to black and white, make a double display effect, or append text to pictures in just a few simple steps. 

  • Slow Shutter Cam

AdaptabilityiOS 8.0 or later

There is a kind of photography called slow shutter photography that signs more light into the camera. So in this way, passing things leave a trail in photos. Slow Shutter Cam is an app that can support you to make this beautiful effect with your iPhone. The app gives several separate shooting forms like Motion Blur, Light Trail, or Low Light. Motion Blur form is the best for generating photos with blurred backgrounds, while the Low Light form will allow you to apply with light.

  • iColorama

AdaptabilityiOS 9.0 or later

iColorama is the best app that forces you to unleash your internal artist. You can use it to edit photos, paint or draw, and send Photoshop brushes and fonts. Appending text to images, employing blur effects, or working around with shades and colors on your pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. You can use all these named effects offered by iColorama very easily and should not waste a long time editing your images ere sending them to your friends.

  • Snapseed

AdaptabilityiOS 9.0 or later

Snapseed can work much more than a single tool that enables you to blur the backdrop of your images. It is a licensed photo editing app produced by Google and helps you edit all JPEG and RAW formats. Also, you can use the Lens Blur focus to append bokeh to the pictures you have taken, while you can use another feature called Face Enhance to bring awareness to the figures in the forefront. The users can simply crop their pictures, control the total brightness of photos and contrast levels, or use filters and make a drama sense to their photos.


Blurring a photo can cause more artistic value to your images, but more than that, it will provide your photos cases to stand out. There are many apps that you can use to make a blur effect on your photos. But it is important to know the details and use the app that best fits your goal. Read the above text to understand more about some of the best iPhone blur apps.

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How to Recover Pictures Deleted from iPhone?

We all experience losing our data almost daily. There is no difference when we talk about iPhone. The death of your valuable photos may occur because of many minds like unexpected deletion, personal error, physical destruction, iOS update, jailbreak, company reset, and likewise.

Usually, if you inadvertently erased photos from your iPhone, it is possible to recover them from the Recently Deleted file. Also, it is good to recover enduringly deleted photos from any backup that you did earlier. But sometimes, you do not have an available backup and need to use third-party iPhone recovery software to recover your missed photos.

Thus, there are five beneficial ideas for you to retrieve erased photos from your iPhone. Define your situation and use the one that suits your requirements most to take back your missed pictures.

 Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone from the Recently Deleted Folder

The most obvious step is to restore the removed items from the “Recently Deleted” file. This file could hold the photos and videos you delete for about 40 days. Throughout this season, you can easily retrieve the removed files to your photo archives.

If this way is helpful for you and does not know how to do it, catch the below actions to take them back.

To retrieve erased photos from Recently Deleted:

Step 1. Start the Photos app and hit “Albums”.

Step 2. Go down to take “Recently Deleted”.

Step 3. Touch “Select” and tick the photos you need to recover.

Step 4. After the collection, click “Recover” > “Recover Photos” to take deleted pictures back.

 Recover Enduringly Deleted Photos from iPhone in 4 Methods

Recovering enduringly deleted photos from iPhone might be simple if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup earlier. While more users do not have an available backup when they need it, I want to tell you another way to use a third-party iOS data retrieval device.

  • First way is to recover with iPhone recovery software.

When there is no peculiar recovery plan, there is the possibility of enduringly missing your data. If it is similar to your situation, you need to download a certain iOS data retrieval device on your system for times of data loss.

EaseUS MobiSaver, a secure and iPhone data recovery device, is what you want. As a trained data retrieval tool, it can collect photos, contacts, videos, films, messages, and more from your iPhone/iPad no different you have a backup or not. Opposite of popular recovery programs (iTunes and iCloud) that perform a complete restore to the iPhone, this important tool allows you to recover simply desired pictures to the system. 

·         The second way is to recover photos using iTunes.

When you make an iTunes backup, there are a couple of methods for you to take back erased photos on your iPhone. One recovering iPhone via iTunes or selectively recover photos from the backup utilizing a device like EaseUS MobiSaver.

The exception is: If you work with an iPhone replacement, you might find an iPhone replacement of all files by the backup content, which involves data injury that may happen again. But if you choose an iPhone restoration tool, you will restore photos only.

  • The third way is to take back photos via iCloud

An iCloud backup (you started with iCloud Photos off) also supports you to retrieve enduringly erased photos from your iPhone. Like working with iTunes backup, you can restore everything from the iCloud backup through iPhone settings or selectively recover photos with iPhone restoration software like EaseUS MobiSaver. But pay attention that to recover erased photos on iPhone from an iCloud backup, you have to delete any content and frame on your iOS system and choose to recover the device from the backup. If not, you have to apply a third-party tool to reach and restore data from the backup.

·         The fourth way is to recover photos from third-Party services.

If you hold a backup of your iPhone photos by third-party services same OneDrive, Google Photos, or Dropbox, you can restore your deleted photos by applying them.

Let’s talk about Google Photos as an example. If you set on Back up and Sync on your iPhone, you can find the deleted photos and videos in the trash in Google Photos for about 60 days before deleting them permanently. That, fortunately, provides you a fortune to retrieve erased photos on your iPhone.


iPhone photo restoration could be simple if you use the best method. As you may recognize, it is precious to have a backup of your data to evade data loss. In the above text, you learn more about iPhone backup and its different ways.


How to Airdrop from Mac to iPhone?

One of the best pieces of Apple goods is the capacity to AirDrop data wirelessly over your phones— and even the phones of other Apple users. AirDrop causes you to save much time and is very helpful when you transfer big data like videos and music folders.

You can simply AirDrop folders from Mac to iPhone if you configure your system perfectly on your projects. Here is a comprehensive model to work with AirDrop, along with some details you might need during this process.

How to Use AirDrop on a Mac

On your Mac:

  • Start with Finder.
  • Tick AirDrop from the left-hand side. Then you will see the AirDrop window.
  • At the back of your cover, there is an “Allow me to be discovered by,” option and a dropdown menu that you can take “Contacts Only or Everyone”.
  • Check that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are all switched on. Also, you have to be within 30 feet of your iPhone to start conveying files.

How to Use AirDrop on an iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad:

  • Drive to Settings.
  • Go down and touch General.
  • Choose AirDrop.
  • In the AirDrop list, take “Contacts Only” to just send files to users in your contacts list or “Everyone” to send folders to anybody near you that have an Apple device.
  • Check that you turned on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and you should be within 30 feet of your Mac to start sending files.

How to Share Content with AirDrop

Start with the file you need to transfer, then tick the Share switch in the app pane. Or Control-click the folder in the Finder, then take Share from the shortcut list.

  • Take AirDrop from the sharing choices entered.
  • Take a user from the AirDrop sheet:
  • Choose AirDrop in the side list of a Finder window. Or take Go > AirDrop from the list bar. 
  • The AirDrop window displays near AirDrop users. Choose one or more folders, photos, or other files and drag them to the receiver displayed in the window.


AirDrop from Mac to iPhone

Now, let’s go to our area for transferring data from your Mac to your iPhone. The method is very simple.

How to get a photo or video from Mac’s Finder to your Camera Roll?

  • First, check the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of both devices to be on.
  • Drive to the Finder on your Mac and go through the folder that you store your photos and videos.
  • Choose any photo or video that you need to highlight. If you need to transfer more than one photo or video working with AirDrop, press down the Command key while ticking each photo or video to mention them.
  • Tick the shared key at the head of the cover and point AirDrop.
  • Choose the title of the device you need for AirDrop too.
  • Tick Done and finish.
  • Now, you can open your photo or video in the Photos app on your iPhone.

How to AirDrop a photo from macOS Photos to your iPhone

  • Go to the Photos file on your Mac.
  • Choose the photo or video that you desire to send. If you need to transfer more than one file, press down the Command switch while ticking the photos or videos.
  • Tick the share symbol at the head of the cover and select AirDrop.
  • Pick the phone you need to transfer your file(s) to, and then tap Done.
  • Now, you will find your photo or video automatically on your iPhone.

Why is AirDrop not working on Mac?

Is AirDrop stopping on your Mac? Do not worry, here I show you some likely causes and resolutions. You can decide to use any of these techniques described.

Your airplane mode is on.

Airplane mode impairs cellular communication within your phone. You have to turn off the Airplane mode and try your Airdrop again.

You are working with a Personal Hotspot for your Mac’s Wi-Fi

If you use your phone’s Hotspot for your Mac, you can not use AirDrop. Your Hotspot and AirDrop need Wi-Fi for themselves. You can turn it off in iOS by driving to Settings > Personal Hotspot and turn it off.

There is a problem with your Bluetooth connection.

Strange obstacles arise sometimes. If you did not find any other solution, try to turn off Bluetooth and again try it on your Mac.


Here, you will learn how to transfer files from Mac to iPhones by AirDrop. If you know how to send files to this system, you will see how you ever endured without AirDrop.


How to Screen Record On iPhone?

Almost all of us know how to take a screenshot of an iPhone’s screen as it is pretty simple. But you may not know that you can take a screen recording of your iPhone. Fortunately, taking a video of your iPhone’s screen has a simple process like the screenshot.

Here I will explain where you need to take a screen recording? How to screen record on your iPhone, and where to find it?

Where You Need To Record Your Screen?

  • Describe a process

You might have such an experience explaining to someone how to do something on an iPhone, like making an Instagram post. Here, the best choice is to record a video while you do that and then send it.

  • Report an error or software bug

When you find an error or bug in any app of your iPhone, it is hard to describe what was happening. Here, is a better option rather than explaining. You can record a video of when and how the error occurs and send it to the app creator, and they can identify the issue better.

It can help you with an in-house development organization. Some people work as a team working on an iOS app. They can use screen recordings as a great idea to dispense the others what is happening so you can take that piece out as soon as feasible.

  • Display new app features or functionality

Whether you have designed a new app or just renewed an actual one, video is an excellent way to dispense others with some features you like the best.

You may want to make a set of short videos highlighting particular features or a more specific version. Both ways, you can show how your app works, exactly.

How to enable screen recordings on your iPhone

If you want to record your screen, you have to turn on the screen recording point.

1. Go to the Settings app and then choose Control Center. Tick Customize Controls.

2. Look for Screen Recording. If you can not find it already in the region named Include, touch the green plus sign near it. You have to see it go to the Include part.

Ever you need to disable screen recording, return to this screen and tick the red minus sign near it.

The way to screen record on your iPhone

Now that you have activated the feature, it is easy to take a screen recording by pressing a button.

1. Go to your iPhone’s Control Center, finding it in the top-right corner of the screen. Or swipe up from the base of the screen when you want to use an iPhone with a home button. 

2. Touch the “Record” key.As you tap the Record key, located in the Control Center, you will see a 3-second countdown to recording your screen.

3. After that, the Record key will change to red, which means recording everything you want. You can understand that you are still recording while you see the time in the top left corner.

5. To end recording, touch the red time notice at the head left of the screen and then choose “Stop.” Also, you can do it by going to the Control Center and touch the record key again.

How to find and edit your iPhone screen recording

You can find your new recording in the Camera Roll. To view it, go to your Photos gallery, and you can find it as the first item. Now, you can send it to others or edit it as you wish.

If you are an expert, you may like to trim the start and finish of your video. You can edit your video and save a new one while the original video will not change. It means you will have an edited and original one to share with others.

1. Locate the video in the Photos app and choose it.

2. Tick “Edit.”

3. Under the screen, choose and drag the pointer to the start point of the video at the right. It will make a yellow border.

4. Make a size for the border to trim the video down to the section you need.

5. Touch the Done icon and then choose Save as New Clip.


If you have an iPhone and do not know that you can take a screen recording, read the above text and find where to use this feature and how to do this helpful item.

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All About Screen Mirroring iPhone

You might want to learn how to share your iPhone or iPad screen to a TV show, computer, or remote meeting software. This way is perfect for students, professionals, or someone who wants to see live stream or video chat on a large screen.

Here, I explain everything step by step for different devices, especially your iPhone and iPad.

First of all, you will learn what screen mirroring is. In summary, we recognize it as a wireless system of copying what you view on one machine in real-time on another screen. 

Screen Mirror On iPhone and iPad

  • Screen mirror an iPhone — iOS 14

Screen mirroring an iPhone is not a complicated process. Just, you have to be sure that you connect your devices to the same network. You can use it for your TV/computer/Apple TV and make it able to perform your mirrored iPhone screen. 

  • How to screen mirror an iPad — iPadOS 14

Apple published iPadOS, a completely new running system created just for iPad, in 2019. While this running system seems and appears very comparable to iOS, there are some differences.

  • AirPlay to Mac

Started with macOS Monterey in 2021, AirPlay to Mac is a point that provides iPhones and iPads to connect to Mac computers. It is a wireless system that makes screen mirroring within some Apple devices. AirPlay to Mac is restricted to the Apple ecosystem and is cooperative with only a few particular Apple tools and running systems.

How to screen mirror two or more iPhones and iPads at the same time

There is a weakness about screen mirroring iPhones and iPads. It implies that you can share one device at the same time with most receivers. For example, when there is a wireless receiver like an Apple TV, and you want to screen mirror more than one iPhone, two iPads, or an iPhone and iPad together, I have to say that you will not be successful.

But, you can get the help of an app called Reflector for your computer. Now, it is possible to screen mirror each number of devices you want to a single display. 

Add Voiceover to iPhone Screen Recordings

If you need to record voiceovers for video content? If you are someone who tells instructional videos, processing and transporting your voiceover toward your video is usually an extra round in a long, difficult process. It might cause a lot of trouble and frustration, particularly if you want to screen record an iPhone or iPad for your video.

Here is the solution, you can report audio while recording your iPhone screen.

The best method is to record your audio while you are recording your screens, then join and transport it all into one whole video. When you use the Reflector app, it makes it automatically. You have to do a few simple clicks, and it will record your screen and voiceover. Reflector will export everything for you. It analyzes your content creation means, notably if you perform tutorial videos, performances, or online classroom content.

 How to Screen Mirror Video Gameplay

In this turn, I want to talk about video game players’ concerns. Fortunately, you can enjoy more from your game playing if you share your experience with others. The best choice is to screen mirror your iPhone and iPad to your TV or computer, so your friends and family can join fun rather than gathering nearby a tiny screen.

Is it Possible to Connect and Work with an iPhone or iPad Mouse?

Many of you may need to determine where they are touching on their iPhone and iPad screens. It is beneficial when you want to present content to your class. But, there is no positive or logical system to point taps on an iPad or iPhone screen. The most reliable way to solve this is to use a Bluetooth mouse and connect it to your device. A Bluetooth mouse works like when you are tapping and gesturing with your fingers. It gives you complete control across your iPhone and iPad. You can view a pointer on the screen and simply dispense your audience where you are clicking.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may like to try the screen mirroring feature. While there are many trickles about this topic, I choose some of the most useful ones and explain the trick.


What Is the Best Way to back up an iPhone?

You may not know why you need to back up your iPhone. First, you have to understand what does it mean? For instance, there are some resolutions on PCs and Macs to back up your files. However, other solutions back up all items by getting a snapshot of the whole hard disk. Other answers backup only chosen tools, like your PC and Mac, but do not preserve your mobile phone. There is another type of backup that will protect your whole device.

Here, I will talk about iPhone backups, why you need them, and how you can do them.

Why is iPhone Backup Important?

If I want to be honest, there are two types of computing devices, the first group that has crashed and the second that will fail. You may encounter difficulties with your digital devices like all others. There are reports on iPhone failures declaring almost all iPhone users face crashes. You may want to know how to make a backup from your data that if you face any of these failures, and not miss much more than your phone contact list, so keep reading.

Best Ways to Back up Your iPhone

There are several separate backup solutions on demand to back up your iPhone. While there are different backup resolutions from third-party merchants, iTunes and iCloud are various backup answers submitted by Apple. Acronis True Image 2020 is a choice that grants complete and easy access to back up your iPhone data. Also, it allows you to back up the cloud and your computer, back up various mobile devices, rescue unintentionally deleted files, and more.

  • iCloud Backup
  • iTunes Backup
  • Acronis True Image

As iCloud and iTunes backup has many advantages, I strongly recommend using them. But it is good to use Acronis True Image 2020 to protect your device completely. Additionally, it helps you to recover all your data easily.

How to backup with iCloud?

When you use iCloud, you can back up all your data to the cloud with a Wi-Fi connection. This backup also contains:

  • Acquisition history for music, films, TV programs, apps, and copies obtained from the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBook market
  • Pictures and videos, settings, app info, home screen, MMS messages, and ringtones, iMessage, SMS Text, 
  • You can choose the iCloud backup right from the frames for your iOS gadget in iTunes when related or from the iOS machine itself. You can make backups automatically or as you wish. 

  iCloud backup directions:

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network with any device you need. 
  2. Go to the Settings > [your name], and choose iCloud. If you are working with iOS 10.2 or earlier, continue with Settings, then go down and tick on iCloud.
  3. Go down, find iCloud Backup. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, choose Backup. Be sure that you turned on iCloud Backup.
  4. Touch Back up Now and linger connected to your Wi-Fi network till the means-ends.
  5. Wait until the backup finishes: Choose Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Storage > Manage Storage, then tick your device — the backup should seem in the items with the terms and backup size. 

 iTunes Backup

You might be like many consumers that are more familiar with iTunes. Many people work with it to buy apps, music, and books from the App Stores. To work with iTunes, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac then open iTunes. Finally, sync your files among your PC or Mac and iPhone. 

 iTunes back up Directions:

  1. Start iTunes and join with your computer.
  2. If a question requires for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, observe the following actions (If you skipped your passcode, ask for help)
  3. Choose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod when it seems in iTunes 

Acronis True Image 2020

You can back up certain apps with iCloud or iTunes, but the Acronis True Image 2020 app preserves user-generated content — photos, videos, contacts, memos, and calendar appointments in a more comprehensive plan. 

 Acronis True Image 2020 backup directions:

After you installed the app, you have to follow the below actions to make a backup.

  • Run Acronis True Image
  • Choose Backup
  • Sign up to Acronis and make an account
  • Choose the data classes that you need to back up 
  • Touch Back up now
  • Let Acronis True Image find to your data

When backup ends, you can upload your data to secure Acronis Cloud Storage. 


 You can use backups in different situations. For example, when you want to replace your iPhone to transfer your information to another device. You can choose different ways to back up your iPhone. Here, we mentioned three of them: iCloud, iTunes, and Acronis True image.


What Is the Best Way to Factory Reset iPhone?

If you have an iPhone mobile and face issues, you may need to reset the device to its factory settings and resolve the difficulty. Or, if you want to sell or give your iPhone away, it is a good option to reset it and wipe out all your personal information from the device.

When you reset your iPhone to its factory settings, you will make it back like what was in basics: Now, there are no contacts, playlists, photos, identification memory, or what else you have supplemented after the day you got it. 

When you decide to start the resetting process of your iPhone, you need to back up all your data first. It means you will not miss any important data. When you finished the reset process, you can reestablish it with all backups.

Here I talk about why you need to reset your iPhone. Also, how to factory reset your iPhone and make a backup. How to save your necessary information from a wiped iPhone or iPad.

Why do you need to reset your iPhone?

Sometimes, you face misbehaving problems with your iPhone or iPad, and you can not solve them with any primary solutions. Now, a full reset is necessary, and you can try restarting your iDevice. 

On the other hand, a factory reset is useful to fix issues with your phone. You might face a crashing or freezing problem and can not identify it.

New electronic tools can be very complex and can take themselves into a little of a chaotic situation from time to time. Resetting and wiping a phone data can remove all problems that make it stuck in a circuit, look sluggish or contrarily diminish performance.

The last situation is when you want to sell your iPhone (or crossing it down to a group member or colleague), you have to remove all the sensible data collected on it. If not, an improper consumer could get access to your social media accounts, business information, and even your private pictures and videos, allowing them to browse over your moments or take your identity.

The Way to reset your iPhone 

Before starting the factory reset of your iPhone, you need to back up your information. Also, sign out of your Apple ID before cleaning it. 

Backup your iPhone to iCloud?

The best solution is to make a backup of your iPhone data to iCloud. It helps you not to lose any important data. 

  • Go to the Settings app and choose your name and Apple ID at the head of the page.
  • Find your Apple ID page. 
  • Tap iCloud right on your Apple ID page.
  • Continue with iCloud.
  • Go down and choose iCloud Backup. Choose back up now to store all your information to iCloud now.

Sign out of your Apple ID

Another important point is to sign out of your Apple ID. It is important because you want to get rid of your phone, and people can access your account if you did not do that.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Then find your name and Apple ID above the screen and tap it.
  • Under all data at the bottom of the page, touch Sign Out.
  • Now, you can sign out of your Apple ID account.
  • Sometimes, you have to enter your password. If it happens, insert your password and tap Turn Off at the top-right angle.

How to perform a factory reset of your iPhone

It is easy to reset your iPhone. You have to choose Settings > General > Reset and tick Erase All Content and Settings. You have to make a backup of your iPhone data to restore them later. Near the end of the process, you have to insert your passcode, and your device might request you verify that you need to erase all. Touch Erase to prove. The time of the process varies based on how much data you have on your iPhone. As the deletion process finishes, your phone will restart as new.


Sometimes, you need to delete all your iPhone data and perform a factory reset. There are some important factors that you have to consider while you want to do so. Also, I explained how to make a factory reset step by step.


How to Clear Cache on iPhone?

Many people believe that iPhone is the most user-friendly smartphone, but sadly, this title can not protect iPhone from being loaded with memory hogs and an extra cache. Presenting your iPhone a much-needed season clear is needed to hold it ticking along. Through time, your iPhone will become closed up with unnecessary files that it pulls up from Safari and different apps. All these make your iPhone’s cache and eventually reduce its speed. Now, you understand why we have to clear iPhone’s cache regularly.

Do you know how do you emove all your iPhone’s cache? It is an easy process, and I will explain it here. Also, I will talk about clearing cache from third-party apps on iPhone.

How to clean your iPhone’s cache

Clean the Safari cache

Heed that if you want to clean the cache on Safari, you will experience logging out of all the websites that you are rolling now.

1. Start with the Settings app and go down to Safari.

2. When you find the Safari settings, go down and search for Clear History and Website Data.

3. Choose Clear History and Data.

It helps you to browse faster on Safari and prevents any difficulties you faced on web pages.

Clean out worthless app data on iPhone

Just like Safari, your apps will collect lots of inefficient data that you do not use. Here is how to delete all of the useless files deposited in your apps.

1. Touch Settings | General |Storage and iCloud Usage.

2. Choose the Manage Storage switch at the head.

3. The page will display the apps that need the most storage at the head. Touch on one of these apps.

4. You may find that the app’s ‘Documents and Data listing shows the app is using over 500MB. Here, you have to uninstall it first and then install it again.

 How to Remove the Cache in Chrome 

Sometimes you have to go through the apps setting to clear your cache. Usually, you can search it in a Settings list within the app. You can do this system for the Chrome browser app.

Start the Chrome browser and find the three-dot menu symbol under the screen, then touch it.

  • ChooseSettings.
  • Tap on Privacy.
  • Find Clear Browsing Data and tick it.

Sometimes, there is no selection to clear the cache in both the app and your phone’s settings, so you have to uninstall the app and install it again. That means you remove the old cache and commence a new app. Before clearing, make sure that you will not lose important items. 

 How to reinstall Apps to Clear iPhone Cache 

Previously, we learned that if an app does not let you remove the cache as you wish, you can remove out the app’s passing files. The resolution is to remove the app from the iPhone and quickly install it again.

  • You have to start with Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see which apps use the most space on your iPhone device.

The iPhone Storage cover records all apps placed on your iPhone and the space they need, starting with those that utilize the most space.

  • Choose your app on the iPhone Storage screen, and touch it.
  • View the Documents & Data file for the app. It determines how much the texts and data for the app use space on your iPhone device.
  • When you find an app you need to remove, touch Delete app.
  • Choosing the Delete app clears all the files generated by the app. You can download the app again, but you lost the files.

 Why Do You Need to Clear iPhone Cache? 

The iPhone cache is an essential piece of the device. It includes data that you require and, in some instances, promoting your phone. That declared, there are a couple of ideas to clear the iPhone cache. Head, cached files use your storage space, and they will develop over time. Sometimes, you need more storage space on your iPhone, and the best way is to clear the cache. iOS systems do some of them automatically, but sometimes you need to do more.


There are numerous caches on the iPhone that cause you different difficulties. Fortunately, you can remove these caches simply in just a few steps that I explained above. Read the above article, and learn guidance on the different methods to clean up the iPhone cache.

The other idea to remove the iPhone cache indicates that cached files seldom decrease your phone speed or make things work in means you do not need them.

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Best Apps to have iPhone Emojis on Android

There are different mobile platforms with various collections of emojis. For instance, if you have iPhone, your emojis are not the same as Android mobile and vice versa. Therefore, you might want to make a conversation with somebody who has an iPhone or iPad, and you will be wonder where your emojis go when you send them because they are not the same in both systems.

What are the best apps to have iPhone emojis on the Android system?

Some applications help you to solve this issue.

Here, I mention some of the most popular apps and tricks to view iPhone emojis on the Android system.

Apps to make iPhone Emojis on Android

As I told you, to get the same view of iPhone emojis, you require to install some apps. Below here I mention some of the best apps.

  1. Gboard

Among the best keyboard apps for Android, I have to mention Gboard. You can download this app both on the Android and iPhone systems. When you install this app, you can see emojis the same as iPhone on your Android cellphone. The best point is that when you want to download it, there is nothing about adaptability, and it means that you can download it on the latest Android mobiles. You can simply download this app from Google Play Store.

Its advanced settings help you to experience better user activity while using this application. It does hold up to 80 languages. Therefore you may face a language unavailable error rarely while applying this keyboard app for Android.

  • Kika Keyboard 2019

Another free emoji keyboard, which you can download from Google Play Store is Kika Keyboard. You can find different emojis, stickers, GIFs on this app. If you are a Whatsapp freak, you must have a version of this app on your phone. This app has the latest options for 2019. The same as Gboard, there are various themes of this app that you can use. Some users want to modify the theme when they change the user app.

You can use Kika Keyboard on Android 4.1 or the following version. While you can download and use it freely, you have to spend some cash to unlock and use all the themes, stickers, emojis, etc. As the price is affordable, you should not get a serious deal applying this emoji keyboard app.

  • Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Another popular resolution that you need when you need to check iPhone-like emojis on your Android system is Facemoji Emoji Keyboard. You can use this app on Android 4.0.3 or later version. It is the best option for any latest Android mobiles, and you can install it without any issue. There are many free emojis (more than 3000), GIFs, stickers, and more others available on Facemoji. Also, you can use this emoji keyboard app with some other applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, etc. There are more emojis options than older Android versions when you work with Android 7.0 or a later version.

  • Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10

One of the best emoji fonts you can install on your Android phone is Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10. All the users of Android 4.4 or a later version can use this application. It means you can download and apply this application on all recent Android mobile. A perfect option about this app is that it changes your text into a suitable emoji. And there is no need to find something manually. As it does the job very well, it took more than 100k downloads from the repository. With this application, you can send a message to everybody, such as your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else. As it is a free download app, you can try it once to see if it is proper for you or not.

  • FancyKey

You can use Twitter emojis with FancyKey as a dedicated keyboard application for Android. Because of its developers, the Twitter emoji are so similar to the iPhone emoji. Among its facilities, I can mention 1600+ emoji and emoticons, 30+ fonts, 30+ themes to customize the interface, 50+ typing sound, and more. This application has a wide variety of themes that is appropriate for people who like to change it frequently. Another extra option of this app is that it allows some great typing notes. You can get everything from the typewriter to the latest mobile sounds in this free app.

To make proper use of this app, you need to phone with Android 4.1 or a later version. It is possible to download this app from Google Play Store for no price. But to unlock all the points, you have to spend some money.

  • Swift Keyboard

Swift Keyboard is another application that is compatible with both Android and iOS. As a user, you can apply the same keyboard app or install it on both systems running a separate OS. Now you can check out all the emojis, and there will be no difficulty. It is a keyboard managed by Microsoft, and you can find an uncluttered user interface without any issue. This free app doesn’t present any advertisements, and you will like it more than ever because of this reason. You can find everything in this keyboard app, from glide typing to voice typing. Another benefit is that you can change the theme as you wish. This app is available for you on Android 5.0 or later version and iOS 11.0 or later version.


You cannot get the same view of iPhone emojis on your Android mobile for sure. But it is conceivable to make an equivalent model. If you want to do so, you have to try one of the above apps.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Phone?

 We all experience this situation that we deleted a text message, and shortly after, we recognize that we need it.

How to recover deleted text messages on your cell phone?

It is good to know that if you be a little lucky, you might get it back. First, we talk about recovering iPhone messages, and then we go through Android phones.

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone

  1. How to recover deleted texts from an iCloud backup

To use iCloud, you have to get an iCloud backup before you missed the message. If you do so, you might find the lost messages.

To retrieve deleted messages from iCloud.

  1. First, you have to open Settings and click on your name or picture top of the page.
  2. Then choose the iCloud > Manage Storage icon, and click Backups.
  3. Now, you will find a list of available backups. Find the correct device message that you saved before you delete it.
  4. It is good to know that retrieving messages need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. It means you will miss all data you have collected. It is good to make separate copies of any original files you need.
  5. When you did them all, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and start restoring your iPhone to default settings. After a few minutes, your phone guides you through the typical setup. Here, you have to be careful to choose the correct option to recover from a backup.
  • How to recover deleted texts from an iTunes/Finder backup

Do not worry when you can not retrieve your messages from iCloud. There is another option to find them from a backup on iTunes or Finder. It is better to have a backup from your messages, but if you do not that, still try this way.

You have saved anything precious to you. Because in this method, you will lose your data if you did not have a backup.

  1. First, you have to connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC you backed it up. Then try to open iTunes or Finder.
  2. If you open iTunes, you will find an iPhone icon look on the top left-hand side. Then choose it. But if you use Finder, you have to find your device from the left-hand table bar.
  3. After that, select Restore backup that you might find under the General tab.
  4. Finally, you will see that all the data you earlier backed up is on your phone. It might take some minutes.
  • How to recover deleted texts using a third-party app

Sometimes you may find that the past options are not helpful. Now it is time to find a third-party software app and install it. While you have to pay for some of these tools, none of them guarantee that you will find your messages. But sometimes there is no other choice, and you have to try it.

There are a lot of third-party apps to retrieve your lost messages from your iPhone. Here, I want to introduce some famous ones like PhoneRescue by iMobie, Enigma Recovery, WonderShare Dr.Fone for iOS, and Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Sometimes after you remove messages, they persist on your handset till overwritten, so it might be possible to retrieve deleted messages utilizing these services. But with no guarantee.

I have a piece of advice if you want to use one of these tools. Try to do so as immediately as you can.

Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

 Put your cell phone in Airplane mode, as the first thing after you realize you have removed an important text. Do not record audio or use the camera anymore. Make sure you do not produce any further data that may overwrite your text information.

  • Ask the Sender/Recipient

As soon as you understand you removed an urgent text message, the easiest way is to ask the sender. Here, you have to ask the person to send you a screenshot if he still has the text. Also, you can ask for another forwarded message. If you were not successful in these ways, it is time to try other possible ways.

  • Use an SMS Recovery App

We recommend this way to all of you, but it might not work for various people. Some of the famous recovery apps are Wondershare Dr Fone, Coolmuster Android SMS Recovery, Yaffs free extractor, and Undeleter app. While today, there are many sites suggesting recovery apps for Android devices, there are many drawbacks to these options. Some recovery apps offer a free trial. But after you want to use them, they require you to pay to retrieve your texts. Some of them ask for a higher price as they make you assume they are trustworthy and the app works.

More than that, an SMS recovery app may reach rooted to your cell phone. In this way, it will access all your files on your device, so it is a risky process. Because the folder containing your messages is hidden from you in a preserved system folder on Android, you can not scan that folder without rooting. It is also true about installing a trustful file browser app.

Unfortunately, text recovery apps may not work without rooting your device. Alternatively, if you decide to give such apps root access to your phone, you may face a blank screen or a security warning.

Also, you may discover software that requires you to use the USB Mass Storage protocol for return, which you can not do.


We all face a lost or accidentally deleted message at least once? But you could recover them using some simple recovery ways that we introduced in the above text.

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