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Types of Social Media and How Each works

types of social media

Due to the increasing growth of social networks, as well as their tremendous impact on virtual businesses and the new solutions they offer in Internet advertising, this type of media has attracted a lot of attention from users and businesses large and small in the last decade.

Types of social media

Here is the list of 10 social networks, and a summary of how each works. Though, you can read more if you are going to know about the negative comments of social media.

types of social media

1. Social networks

  These social networks all cover a large part of our daily communication with the world around us. Now the question is which in this massive volume of different media are suitable for our purposes. In the continuation of this article, we will review some of the most popular in this field.

One of the most effective social networks in marketing is the social network Facebook. Facebook controls a large part of the social network market

One of the growing social media platforms is Twitter. The main use of Twitter is for those websites that rely on instant updates, such as various types of blogs or online media, growing and advancing on the Twitter platform.

2. Media sharing networks

Today, with cameras on laptops, cellphone, and various cameras, people are filming and sharing different things.

 video marketing is one of the most popular web publishing formats today.

This format has many applications in many areas, for example, owners and managers of Internet businesses have done extensive advertising to make their products more visible and introduce their business in the best and easiest way to users.

One of the best features of video sharing sites is that any user can upload their desired video for free to better present their internet business, on the other hand, most video sharing sites today have their own credibility through this In this regard, they raise.

Among the famous sites that are the best video sharing sites in the world, we can mention Aparat and YouTube, which most users use. There are some benefits to using Alexa, such as high traffic and high rankings, but unfortunately many users are unaware of their existence.

One of the best advantages of the country’s video sharing sites is that they are free, which provides a variety of features for future webmasters.

3. Discussion forums

The Internet is a great place to get new information, even about online games. One of the most common information spaces on the Internet is Question-based forums such as Quora and answer in Internet forums. These forums are a special model of social networking.

Internet forums have been around since the 1980s, making it a virtual space for online information exchange between people.

How do forums work?

Creates a post in a standard forum. This post will be available to other users at any time. These posts can include questions, comments, pictures, videos, links, and more. Users can reply to these posts, which will create a conversation between people. This conversation between people is called inquiry. People can create a new query and discuss a variety of topics. All of these queries come together to form a forum.

4. Bookmarking and content curation networks

One of the most important parts of digital marketing is producing the right content for your audience. In this article, we will point out the most important points for producing attractive content.

User-friendly and SEO-friendly content are very important factors that should be considered in content production. Although producing SEO-friendly text is usually time-consuming and requires more effort, if done correctly, it will give you much better results. You can consider Pinterest as a messaging panel or a website with more organizational capabilities. You can also use it as a marking tool.

5. Consumer review networks

Today, shopping behavior and consumer communication behavior have been influenced by social networks. Consumers are motivated to use information about the purchase of goods or services and their purchasing behavior is shaped. Such networks have led to the formation of virtual groups and communities that move people towards harmony.

With the pervasiveness of social networks and their high influence among people, the importance of using this tool correctly is clear to everyone. On the other hand, with the presence of business in social networks, the need for a correct and efficient strategy for maximum impact on the audience has become apparent. Therefore, there was a need for scientific research for production/service companies on the one hand and advertising companies on the other hand in the field of correct and intelligent production of advertisements.

The present study has an evaluative view of the characteristics of an advertisement on social networks. The questionnaires of this study, which were distributed among 240 social network users, tried to identify the factors affecting the promotion of social networks, how and to what extent they affect the intention of consumers to buy. The result of this research, which is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive-survey in nature and has been done in the target community of Instagram users, indicates that information, creativity, likes, and comments directly on the consumer’s intention to buy and creativity on likes. And comments have a positive effect.

6. Blogging and publishing networks

In this article, I am talking about small but successful businesses that have been able to develop their business and even turn to branding by using the online space intelligently and professionally.

These businesses sign more contracts, gain more customers, increase their customer base through their website, and generate more content for their website.

What is the difference between them and many other successful online businesses? One possible answer is: Successful people have a blog!

Most likely, they have a compact but useful blog for their website that is a hangout for their customers, and in the same way they are branding and attracting new customers.

You have probably read and heard a lot about content marketing and you know the importance of creating valuable content for your website.

7. Social shopping networks

Social networks are considered as a unique source of power for introducing and advertising products. For this reason, the number of Internet and social network users is increasing day by day, which will have a great impact on the prosperity of digital businesses. With smartphones, users have easy access to the Internet, which has led companies to think about advertising on the Internet and social networks and digital business.

Today, social networks have found a significant place on the Internet and have become the most visited category in cyberspace, and the trend towards social networking sites in the world is increasing. These days, business and economic development are almost impossible without cyberspace.

8. Interest –based networks

People everywhere in the world have their own reasons for using different types of social networks, but it is very interesting to know which social networks were able to better understand the tastes and needs of people around the world and thus become more popular.

Many users use this network to post pictures of their travels, fashion world, different and favorite foods, art, and other similar topics.

The issue of sharing interests on social media is so important and it allows advertising companies to send them ads based on those interests.

9. Sharing economy networks

When we search the internet, we will undoubtedly come across a lot of advertisements and banners that have taken up a large part of the web pages. These, along with ordering goods and services, shopping online and doing business, without the use of ordinary paper documents, are just part of what we call “e-commerce”.

The Internet influences business innovation by increasing access and minimizing time lags to market. Today, many social and business interactions of people are drawn to cyberspace, and authorized communication is a major part of the reasons for users to use this cyberspace. In this, social networks play a very important role. Some time ago, the goal of online marketing was just to get the customer to click and enter the company’s site, but now the goal is to create a lasting interaction with the customer.

10. Anonymous social networks

Confess your feelings and thoughts without sharing your identity on Anonymous social networks. Anonymous social networking apps allow you to interact with others and share your true thoughts and feelings without revealing your identity.

Not long ago, before our identities appeared online on social media, it was much easier to remain anonymous on the Internet. But today, despite the wide range of new social apps that we use to connect with friends and mobile devices that we have with us everywhere, it is safe to say that it is easy to become famous online. .

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